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  • Our website is open to guests for free rosacea information and guests can post for free if the content on the post is about rosacea or a question about rosacea. Because of the spammers and trolls we have securely quarantined our website not only from such nefarious individuals, but also especially to protect our registered subscribed private members who are seeking to deep dive into rosacea research and development in our member forums. Our non profit grassroots patient advocacy organization is not sponsored by the skin industry and relies totally on whether members donate (or subscribe) two dollars a month to keep this website and non profit organization going. If you care to donate and deep dive into our member forum which has 95% of our rosacea data, please subscribe. Spammers and trolls, please read our rules and go somewhere else. If you have rosacea you are a rosacean and have found the only grassroots patient advocacy non profit organization for rosacea sufferers.

    When we made this video membership was free. We have now switched to 
    a subscription based member forum which requires a minimum donation of $2/month. 

    The above video was made before we implemented the subscription based member forum. 
    You are required to pay a minimum of $2/month to access the member forum. 
    Guest Forum is still free!

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      Guests see some forums but are not allowed to view posts in the Member Forum. Members may ask questions and post answers to each other about rosacea in our private, secure rosacea member forum.  The above video gives you an idea of what rosacea data we have accumulated since 2004 categorized in logical order along with an excellent rosacea search engine that rosacea social media platforms envy. If you volunteer for the RRDi which is a special privilege for rosaceans we waive the subscription fee. Rosaceans helping Rosaceans. 

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