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We have tried over the last twenty years to figure out how to get rosacea sufferers to come together into a patient advocacy non profit organization, to fulfill our MISSION STATEMENT. Currently we are only allowing subscribed members to post. We have a few active members but so far, as of this date, March 12. 2024, none of our few active members post. 

If you have an idea on how we can get members to post, why not find the reply to this topic button (only subscribed members can post) and tell us what you think?

So if you only post on social media rosacea websites, why do you feel comfortable doing this? What is it about our forum style website that makes you feel uncomfortable to post?  

We could use some young rosacea blood to stimulate posts and keep our non profit going.  You want to run this non profit?  Post and tell us what you think. Post. 

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