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    Read below for detailed information for Guests and Inactive Members

    In the past we allowed guests to read certain forums that contain a huge database of rosacea information which is free. If you see an error code message that means we encourage you to join the RRDi to view what you are searching for. Without a doubt you will be encouraged by what you read once you become a member of our non profit grassroots organization for rosacea. Membership is free!

    Guests and Inactive Members Have Limited Access to the RRDi Website
    Certain Member Forums are no longer open to the public any more and are for members only. If you are seeing error code messages it imay be because the following forums do not allow guests any more (as of February 24, 2021).  As a guest you are allowed to view certain pages and posts on our website. Below are the lists of forums open to guests and inactive registered members and areas of the website open to registered active members: 

    Areas of the website open to guests and inactive registered members.

    Areas of the website open to active registered members

    Guests can post here without registering an account

    Watch two short videos that explain all this


    Inactive Members Have Limited Access to the RRDi Website and are only allowed to visit the website guests are able to view. 
    Members who are seeing error code messages should read this announcement about ACTIVE or INACTIVE MEMBERS

    All Forums are Available if you Join the RRDi and become a Member. Membership is FREE! 

    How to Register
    1) First you need to Register at: https://irosacea.org/register
    a) Sign up with Sign in the Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft (that's it!)
    a) Sign up with some cryptic display name you makeup if you want to remain private
    b) Enter a valid email address  
    c) create a good password and confirm the password again below the first one
    d) type in your acceptance of the terms by typing in YES or Yes in the box (proves you are a human, not a robot)
    e) check the box 'I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy' (proves you are a human, not a robot)
    f) Within a few minutes a follow up Email Validation will then be sent to you 
    --- please Reply to the Email Verification 
    --- be sure to copy and paste entire line - it may run over to the next line
    --- If you don't receive a follow up Email Verification after registering - be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder (or contact us explaining your issue including your email address in the message so we can resolve the issue)

    Inactive Members

    If you are having issues logging into your account, contact us. Or simply login and post in any area available to guests and you will switch back to being an active member and you will gain full access to the website content and those pesky error messages are gone! Learn More!

    New Registrations
    All new registrations require an email validation which starts the approval process for security purposes, unless you use the faster registration with Sign in with Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.  

    Non Voting Members
    However to post in our state of the art forum you may register as a non voting member. Simply provide your email address and create your own display name to join. You may also register with Sign in with AppleFacebook, Microsoft, or Google secure login. 

    Most Private and Secure Registration

    Sign in with Apple is the most private and secure registration and can learn more here

    Voting Members Are Special
    However to be a voting member you must join the RRDi and identify yourself when registering with your contact information to be able to vote who sits on the board of directors. You are not required to be a voting member. The RRDi will never reveal your identity to anyone so you can rest assured our privacy policy is solid. You may want to read this post, entitled, Anonymity, Transparency and Posting, look for the subheading, How You Can Remain Anonymous Posting in the RRDi Member Forum and how to hide your online status.  Members can also post articles on rosacea which may be used later for publication either on our web site as a promoted article [see some of our member published articles] or as an article in a future publication of the Journal of the RRDi. There is also a member Blogs Area and member Gallery Area for your use if you join the RRDi. Also, ask about a free G Suite account available if you volunteer with our non profit organization (mention you want to volunteer when you join). We cordially invite you to join whether or not you can volunteer or post in our Member Forum which is a public forum. Increasing our membership shows you care about rosacea sufferers. Membership is free.

    Mobile Apps Available
    We also have beta versions of iOS and Android mobile apps using the Invision Community app if you want to volunteer to use by reading this post. If you have any questions, contact us. 

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