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RRDi Active vs Inactive Members

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The RRDi is now showing the active members vs the inactive members since the non voting and the voting members haven't been engaging in any rosacea discussion for some time now. This has created a relatively inactive forum 'engagement' with fellow rosaceans which is really core to our mission (view the RRDi Mission). 

Goal #7: To allow volunteer members to have a platform to voice their concerns about rosacea and to contribute information about rosacea. Our goal is 10K members. 

Since the 1.4K members are not engaging in any discussion, we will be informing everyone whether a member is active or inactive. 

The definition of an active member is one who posts a minimum of at least one post a month. If after one month a member does not post the member status is inactive. This means that access to the site will be visible to what a 'guest' user will be able to see. A member who is inactive may still post in the areas guests are allowed to view and automatically becomes an active member again, if the member posts again.  

Active members will be able to view more content on our website about rosacea for thirty days and can enjoy the content. If they want to continue to view the content they must at the minimum continue with at least one post in the thirty day period, hopefully with some meaningful contribution to their fellow rosaceans who have joined the community, contributing to our Goal #7 mentioned above. 

Ask not what rosaceans can do for you, but what can you do for rosaceans?

INACTIVE MEMBER Steps to Become Active
If you are a current non voting or voting member and not able to view certain parts of our website for content simply post something about rosacea or what you are using to treat your rosacea to become ACTIVE again.

(1) Login to your account. Post in any area of the website that Guests are allowed to view and post. Find the reply to top button or the start new topic button and post. Posting makes you active. 

If you have forgotten your login credentials use our contact form and give us your email address you used to register your account and we will help you gain back your access. 

We will be happy to restore your active status once you have posted which gives you thirty days to view the rosacea forums for rosacea content. To continue as an active member requires you post at least one post a month which shows you are active and that encourages your fellow rosaceans to also be active since you are setting an example. 

(2) Another way to become active is donate one dollar. That surely shows activity and we will happily change your status to an active member for thirty days. 

Inactive Members Can Still Post!
How can inactive members post and become an active member again?  Simple. Find an area you would like to post something, For example, one area still open to inactive members and guests is the FAQ forum. Pick any FAQ and login to your account and post something. That makes you active again!

Another area you can post is the Community Support. If you are having issues logging into your RRDi member account use the contact form and explain your issue. Be sure to include your email address so we can resolve your login issue for you. 

New Members
If you are a new member you will remain as ACTIVE automatically for thirty days. If you post at least one post you will automatically be given an additional 30 days. However, to remain active you must continue to post at least one post within a thirty day period. 

If you simply join the RRDi and never post you are basically a guest who roams our site consuming our rosacea data and not engaging, basically what we refer to as a 'lurker.'  As long as you remain a lurker and not post within 30 days you will be inactive and be switched to an inactive member with guest privileges which allows you to post in areas of our forum still accessible to you by logging in and posting.  

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