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RRDi Active vs Inactive Members


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  • Root Admin

Our website is now a subscription based members only website. 95% of our website requires a donation of a minimum of $2/month to POST ($1/month for three or more months) so we can keep this website going. Guests can view about 95% of our website. We no longer allow free membership unless you are on our volunteer staff. Please register and donate $12 for a twelve month subscription. Thanks for your donation! All members will have to purchase a subscription to be active again for at least one month or longer. 


The RRDi is now showing the active members vs the inactive members in member's profiles, since the non voting and the voting members haven't been engaging in any rosacea discussion for some time now.

All you do is login to your account. Look at your account profile and it shows whether you are active or inactive. If you haven't posted in the last 30 days you are automatically placed in the inactive member group. Just post in any area open to guests and you automatically become active again and have access to the member area

Because of a relatively inactive forum 'engagement' with fellow rosaceans which is really core to our mission (view the RRDi Mission) we have attempted to encourage members to post. Members, you are our only hope! Post! Read our mission goal below: 

Goal #7: To allow volunteer members to have a platform to voice their concerns about rosacea and to contribute information about rosacea. Our goal is 10K members. 

Since the vast majority of our 1.5K members are not engaging in any discussion, we inform everyone whether a member is active or inactive. 

The definition of an active member is one who posts a minimum of at least one post a month. If after one month a member does not post the member status is inactive. This means that access will be visible to what a 'guest' user will be able to see. 

Ask not what rosaceans can do for you, but what can you do for rosaceans? Rosaceans Helping Rosaceans

INACTIVE MEMBER Steps to Become Active
Simply login to your account and donate to one of our subscription plans. 

If you have forgotten your login credentials use our contact form and give us your email address you used to register your account and we will help you gain back your access. 

We will be happy to restore your active status once we have verified which subscription plan you donated for. 

(2) Another way to become active is donate two dollarsContact us and explain you donated and want your inactive membership to be active again. We will need to know what email address you used to register your account and on what date you donated. 

Inactive Members Can Still Post!
How can inactive members post and become an active member again?  Simple. Find an area you would like to post something, For example, any area still open to guests that allow you to START A NEW TOPIC or QUOTE button. Just be sure you are logged into your RRDi member account. Post. Inactive members can post for free in guest areas of the site open for comments or posts. 

If you are having issues logging into your RRDi member account use the contact form and explain your issue. Be sure to include your email address so we can resolve your login issue for you, if you want a resolution. 

New Members
Subscribe to one of our subscription plans. 

We are trying to encourage engagement. Rosaceans helping Rosaceans.  

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  • Root Admin

Just to clarify, when a member doesn't post for 30 days, the active member is then is manually switched to the inactive member group. When an inactive member logs in they are given the opportunity to subscribe. 

However, anyone who subscribes and continues to donate each month does not have to be active or post as long as the subscription is active. 

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