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    We are rosaceans and this is a grassroots rosacea non profit organization. The entire board of directors are rosacea sufferers. Compare that with the other non profit rosacea organizations, run by NON rosaceans. Compare that with your favorite rosacea social media platform, i.e., Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. (is your rosacea social media group a registered 501 c 3 non profit?). 

    We now allow guests to post here without registering an account.  Guests can post!

    We have an Invision Community public forum. A public forum allows the public to view the posts but only members can post (registering an account with your email is required). What is odd is that this format, while older than the social media platforms, i.e., Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., requires no more than what the social media platforms require, an email address. Maybe we lack a mobile app?  We are working on it with a beta version (read below). 


    You may enter the Public RRDi Invision Community Forum.

    There is a beta version mobile app for Android and for Apple devices with a beta iOS version available!


    Public Forum

    In a PUBLIC RRDi forum ALL posts are public and can be read whether you join or not. You may access the public forum url here: 


    We also have a Tapatalk Private Forum available (scroll below for more information). Private forums are just that, you cannot view the posts unless you join (the public can NOT view the posts)

    Tapatalk Enabled (private forum)



    Tapatalk App
    The RRDi member forum, a public group, used to be available using the Tapatalk app which you can download from the App Store or Google Playstore.  The Tapatalk app ONLY works for our private rosaceans forum. 

    Currently the Tapatalk app (Version 1.6.6 ) for our public forum using Invision Community Version 4.5.1 is not compatible so we have turned it OFF. We have totally separated the Invision Community Platform from Tapatalk so the Tapatalk mobile app only works with our Private Tapatalk Rosaceans Group below. 

    Private Tapatalk Rosaceans Group
    The RRDi is affiliated with Tapatalk and is sponsoring a PRIVATE Rosaceans  [rosaceans are rosacea sufferers] Tapatalk forum free for users which is a private group. If you are not familiar with the difference between a private member forum and a PUBLIC forum, the posts in a private forum are only read if you join. Here is the official announcement about our Rosaceans Tapatalk Private Forum which explains an option about Tapatalk Gold Points (not required but available for your consideration). You may access the private rosaceans group here:


    You are welcome to join either or both of our two member forums if you suffer from rosacea.  We will try the private Tapatalk forum for a year and if it is not popular we will probably drop it. So it is up to you whether having a private Rosaceans group is mo'betta than our Invision Community public forum which you can still use the Tapatalk application for our public Tapatalk member forum and our private group. The private Tapatalk is totally run on Tapatalk servers and has no issues using Tapatalk.  

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