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Mobile App in Beta Version for Our Community!


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 Volunteer Beta Developers Needed! (Android & iOS) Wish List 


If you are a code developer and want to volunteer for our non profit organization for rosacea to develop a mobile app for either Android or iOS please contact us

Note: We have applied our community forum with Invision Community to list us under EDUCATION and we were approved on the list. 

There WAS a mobile app available in beta version for Android (for Apple devices using iOS you need to scroll further down). It was on the Google Play store. It is the Invision COMMUNITIES app (not the Invision Community app which is for admins ONLY). Yes this is confusing, since it was in development and both the iOS and Android apps are no longer in development. Here is a screen shot that was in the Google Play Store which is the second one called Invision COMMUNITIES


We listed our community, the RRDi, when the above 'Communities' apps was available in the Google Play Store and you may be able to find our listing in the category EDUCATION.  Please let us know your experience with this app on your Android mobile device? Just find the reply to this topic button and let us know, please. If you are a code writer developer and would like to volunteer to make a mobile app for our RRDi Invision Community please join the RRDi and explain in your profile your volunteer spirit. 

Please note: The iOS beta test has expired. We are not aware when Invision Community will renew the iOS beta test again. We will announce this here whenever the beta test is available again. The Android version development has been put on hold by the Invision Community developer team. If this app ever is developed further we will announce it on this post. 

iOS (Apple) Version

The iOS version is no longer in beta testing. When available again, You can volunteer and be a beta tester if you follow the two steps: 



Once you have downloaded the app, at the bottom click on DISCOVER, you will find these categories to choose from and then select EDUCATION and scroll till you find RRDi Member Forum:  


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There is a reply to this topic button somewhere on the device you are reading this post. 


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