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Most Private Rosacea Member Forum on the internet. The ultimate privacy is using Sign in with Apple. Or simply use a cryptic display name, i.e., HIDEyourName, and register. Guests are not allowed to enter the member forum. Membership requires a subscription of a minimum of two dollars for one month access (three, six, twelve months discounted). We no longer have free member accounts. Guests and inactive members will see an error code. Volunteers may be allowed to have free subscriptions.  If you need assistance, contact our volunteers. 


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    Guests see some forums but are not allowed to view posts in the Member Forum. Members may ask questions and post answers to each other about rosacea in our private, secure rosacea member forum.  The above video gives you an idea of what rosacea data we have accumulated since 2004 categorized in logical order along with an excellent rosacea search engine that rosacea social media platforms envy. If you volunteer for the RRDi which is a special privilege for rosaceans we waive the subscription fee. Rosaceans helping Rosaceans. 

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