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How to proceed for the grant writing ?

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Hello everyone, I know there are many new novice volunteers who want to help for the grant writing to get grants from pharmaceutical and other companies so that we can also research on the different aspects of rosacea through our medical advisory committee and run our organization. As you all know this is a non-profit organization and grant writing is what this non-profit organization does. So every new volunteer asks what should we do and how to start this? So I am writing this post to let you know how to do go through the grant writing process :

1. Select any pharmaceutical company or company which provide drug service for rosacea or other skin conditions and see if they provide grants or charitable donations. You need to go to their website and search for it. Google it. (also check the next post in this thread by scrolling below and see the list of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture rosacea treatments posted by Admin)

2. Now see what is their criteria for funding. Is there any form to fill out or do we need to mail them? Read carefully and if you do not find anything proper just ask through snail mail what is the process?

3. And if you have gained enough information and understood everything then just go through the process carefully.

4. If you need any help in the middle of the process just ask us because you will need some information regarding some official documents detail or anything.

You can inform us while going through the process and if you get the grant money, you will also get the share of it.

I have shared as much information as I had in my mind, if I have left anything you can ask us.

Thank you

Apurva Tathe
RRDi Board Member 

Grant Writer Overseer

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This is a note from the RRDi Treasurer about grant writing basics. Please read this page first!

The RRDi received some education grants from Galderma which you can review here: 


Grant writing is a tedious and arduous task and we appreciate your volunteering to help us. 

We went through all sorts of hoops with Galderma to get those grants. Now the process has changed and we are still trying to figure it out. What each company requires is different and you have to go through hoops to learn. 

Basically, it would be prudent to try to learn how to apply for grants from pharmaceutical companies that make rosacea treatments. You can learn what prescription treatments for rosacea are here: 


Some of the major pharmaceutical companies that make rosacea treatments are: 

Galderma, Allergan, Alma, Almirall, Bayer, BioPharmX, Bristol Meyers, Candela, Chicet, Clinique, Cutanea, EPI Health, Foamix, GSK, Havione, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer, Salix, Sanofi, Sol-Gel 

Contacting these pharmaceutical companies and asking them what the hoops are to go through to obtain grants is what you should do. We have Medical Advisory Consultants who might answer some questions about rosacea if you need to know anything. The list is found here: 


Go through Apurva Tathe with your questions first since she has access to contacting the RRDi MAC members above in the list if you have medical rosacea research questions.  

There are, of course, foundations that offer money for grants and each foundation has its hoops to go through, i.e., Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


And there are many others. You can google 'how to apply for grants' which will give you more results. 

When filling out forms use the following: 


Rosacea Research & Development Institute 
PO Box 858
Centre, AL 35960

EIN 20-1259275

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