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Anonymity, Transparency and Posting

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Non Voting Members

You can simply join without giving us your contact information and be a non voting member and create a cryptic display name. All that is required is an email address. You are not required to be a voting member. 

Voting Members

Voting members are required to give us first and last name, address, phone number and an alternate email address. If you are concerned about your privacy when joining the RRDi as a voting member, you can rest assured our privacy policy is solid and we would never disclose your contact information with anyone without your permission.


Many are under the impression when joining the RRDi as a voting member that giving out their contact information is an intrusion on their privacy (which is far from the truth since our privacy policy is solid). Also, it appears that many rosaceans have moved on to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or the like which seems to be less anonymous, and favors more transparency, so who can figure out why the yahoo groups and forum style posting are less used now in favor of transparent social media? Most rosaceans want anonymity (read below how you can hide your true identity when joining the RRDi in the subheading, Change Your Display Namebut at the same time want transparency with the non profit organization they join. There is a fine balance between anonymity and transparency and the RRDi allows you to have both. 


One of the core principles of the RRDi is transparency, which can be seen reading our charter. For example, our charter states, "Sources of funding to the institute will be publicized including the name of the donor unless the donor requests anonymity. Expenses of the institute will be publicized down to the last cent, showing where all the spending went and for what purpose." Rule Number Two states, "To be a legal corporate member a name, mailing address, two email addresses, and a statement of whether the member is a rosacean or not a rosacean is required."  

Over 1000 members agreed to these two rules when joining by registration which allows the individual as a legal non profit corporate voting member of the RRDi.  


How You Can Remain Anonymous Posting in the RRDi Member Forum?

You can completely remain anonymous when you post in our member forum. You can change your display name to something cryptic or clever. Only the staff at the RRDi has your membership information. The RRDi will NEVER display or disclose to anyone your profile and contact information without your permission. Our Privacy Policy is solid. 

Change Your Display Name

The steps to change your display name are the following: 

1. Login to your member account by looking for Existing User? Sign in (Top Right Corner of your screen)

(if you are having issues logging in please contact us, giving your first and last name, your email address used when registering your account and we will assist you in being able to login to your member account)

2. Once logged in you will see your display name in the top right corner. Click on the toggle and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS. In the left column of the account settings page look for DISPLAY NAME. In the column to the right of display name type in the field box under CHANGE DISPLAY NAME (to the left of the field box it says NEW DISPLAY NAME) change to whatever new display name you want to remain anonymous. 

3. Click the SAVE button. Voila!  You are now anonymous. No one knows who you are. 


We are hoping to increase our membership wth non voting members who will post in our state of the art forum. 





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