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Hiding Online Status


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There are a growing number of members who are concerned with hiding their identity when posting in our public forum. Of course, using a cryptic display name is one way to do this and you can learn about this feature by reading this post and scrolling down to Change Your Display Name

Hide Your Online Status
There is another feature available to you so that you can HIDE YOUR ONLINE STATUS so that you are anonymous. After you have setup your RRDi member account you login to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS. 

Find Settings > Security and Privacy > Hide My Online Status 


Click the HIDE MY ONLINE STATUS button and Voila!!! So what does this do exactly?  

There is a page where you can view what MEMBERS are currently logged in or how many guests are browsing the site. By HIDING YOUR ONLINE STATUS you are considered an ANONYMOUS member currently logged in. Here is the page: 


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