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  1. Thanks for your reply and it really helps me a lot! I am so glad to meet RRDi and it just gave me so many information and solutions to tackle my skin problems (and not only rosacea). I read some articles about probiotics from the forum and I am now taking a probiotic capsule which claimed to have 4 million friendly bateria. Do you have any suggestions on the brand/ type of bacteria? Also I am now taking so many supplements. Evening Primrose oil, vitamin B, zinc picolinate and probiotics. I hope they work for me when I stop my Efracea ... i will start my soolantra treatment on Tue and hope it works for me and without making my skin worse. Thanks a a lot again!
  2. Hello. I am Jesse and I am from Hong Kong. I am suffering from rosacea for more then three years and I found that there are little support in Hong Kong and China. Three years ago, one day, I found there are so many papales and pustules on my cheeks and it was flushing. In my first year of rosacea, I was misdiagnosed by three doctors and they just prescribed steroid for me. I didn’t use that as I know it’s not good for me. Until the fourth doctor, who is a dermatologist, he diagnosed me with a rosacea. He prescribed me doxycycline and azelaic acid. The azelaic acid made my skin burn and I stopped to use it after applied it once. The doxycycline works well and I took it for two weeks. It seems it has been cured and I was so happy with this. However after the doxy treatment and until now the papales and pustules still appeared on my face and they were extremely itchy. As there are no flushing on my face, I didn’t think that it’s the rebound of the rocasea. Until there few months, my face become flushing and there are hundreds of pustules on my face. I found that my rocasea comes back occasionally ( I still can’t find what exactly trigger it in my case). I am so annoyed because it makes me so embarrassed and don’t want to go out. I kept reading on the rocasea forums and the studies. I just want to ask if my rosacea comes out occasionally (twice a month), is it still possible to be caused by the Demodex mites ? I have recently purchased Soolantra but afraid to use it as so many people said it will get worse before it get better. I am now taking the Efracea (40mg modified release doxycycline). Would this be useful to calm the inflammation caused in the Soolantra treatment? So many people gave good comments on the ZZ cream but some said that it dries out the skin. I have got a very sensitive dry skin, should I try Soolantra first or ZZ cream? I have attached some photos in this post. Thanks a lot!
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