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  • The Rosacea Research Foundation [RRF] was incorporated and dissolved in the State of Alabama as a non profit corporation. What was remarkable about the RRF is that in the two years that it was active the RRF gathered together rosacea suffers who donated $16K to sponsor some rosacea research. What happened to the $16K? What happened to this non profit organization?

    You can do a search for Entity ID 561 - 261 for a record of when it was incorporated on January 26, 2005 with board members David Pascoe, Chuck Young, Geoffrey Nase, Andrew Reid, and Artist Cloutier. It was dissolved on December 9, 2005 by searching for Entity ID 561 032. See screen shots below:


    The Medical Advisory Committee for the RRF consisted of  Dr. Linda Sy MD., Dr. Nicholas J. Soldo MD., Dr. Peter Drummond, PhD., and Dr. Chuck Young, DVM. 


    See this page for the list of Medical Advisory Committee. 

    See this page for the list of accomplishments (or see screen shot below): 


    The RRF when it dissolved gave its donations to the NRS which amounted to a total donation of $16,065.32 for a grant the NRS completed, STRUCTURAL AND BIOLOGIC CHANGES IN ROSACEA SKIN INDUCED BY PULSE DYE LASER AND INTENSE PULSED LIGHT. You may read the details on this page or the Wayback Machine.


    This is a glimmer of hope that rosacea sufferers could again gather together and each donate to a non profit organization and sponsor rosacea research. Will it ever happened again? Hope. 

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