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Broad Band Light

Broad Band Light is a catch-all phrase for photo dynamic therapy which includes, laser, LED, IPL, and other light devices. Red Light Therapy (RLT) is one of the more popular devices, and Twickle Purple writes that she wants "to give an update to anyone thinking about RLT. Here is my face with 'rosacea; from decades of steroid use and after two years steroid free and using red light therapy. It's like my telangiectasia was dissolved away." We have also included RF Frequency units that include LED. 

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  • 3 Which slogan do you like best on the RRDi Tee Shirt?

    1. 1. Chose which one you like best?

      • Yes I have tried all the Creams and Tablets I’m Mid Flare
      • Rosacea Warrior. It’s Not For The Weak
      • Laser skin treatment. That's what it is if you're wondering. Yes, it hurt.
      • Rosacea. Some famous celebrities have it too.
      • I’m Not Drunk or on Drugs I have Rosacea
      • Don’t Mistake My Bad Days as a Sign of Weakness. Those are actually the days I am fighting rosacea with everything I’ve got

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