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RRDi Tee Shirts


Which slogan do you like best on the RRDi Tee Shirt?  

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  1. 1. Chose which one you like best?

    • Yes I have tried all the Creams and Tablets I’m Mid Flare
    • Rosacea Warrior. It’s Not For The Weak
    • Laser skin treatment. That's what it is if you're wondering. Yes, it hurt.
    • Rosacea. Some famous celebrities have it too.
    • I’m Not Drunk or on Drugs I have Rosacea
    • Don’t Mistake My Bad Days as a Sign of Weakness. Those are actually the days I am fighting rosacea with everything I’ve got

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RRDi Tee Shirts

We are happy to announce we have made an arrangement with Model Tees to have RRDi Tee shirts available for members with some slogans that we have come up with including the RRDi butterfly logo and in choices of eight colors! In the poll above we are asking you which slogan do you vote for since Model Tees has to have an order of at least 24 tee shirts before making them. Please vote above in the poll to let us know which one you like the best and logically then if more than 24 like a certain logo we can have Model Tees offer that slogan on their website and will make them in a batch order once all 24 have paid and ordered one.

Want Your Own Slogan?

If you want to add another slogan to the poll use our GUEST FORUM and recommend your own slogan, or  please contact us with your slogan, we could use your slogan and add it to the above list.  Or if you have the volunteer spirit why not find the reply button and post your slogan in this thread! All that is required is an email address to register and post in this thread. Your slogan might be added to the list above and others can vote on your slogan as the best one. All tee shirts come in eight colors and have the RRDi butterfly logo. The two beta version RRDi Model Tees has available for ordering are shown below. Here are the choices of color below: 



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