• Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute

    Volume 1, No. 1, the first dedicated rosacea journal, is produced by volunteer rosacea sufferers. Articles by dermatologists, physicians, naturopaths, researchers and patients who are all volunteers are included:

    • A new class of topical medications may soon be available to treat facial redness
    • Ocular rosacea, the number one contributor to poor ocular surface health
    • Rheumatic autoimmunity as the cause of rosacea
    • Inside rosacea
    • Optimizing redness reduction, part I: Rosacea and skin care
    • The importance of essential fatty acids for rosacea
    • Food choices for rosacea immunity
    • Rosacea, inflammation, and aging: The inefficiency of stress
    • Psychological stress and rosacea
    • The role of Demodex mites in the pathogenesis of rosacea and blepharitis and their control
    • A molecular link between rosacea and gastrointestinal disease
    • Signal Transduction Modulators to treat rosacea
    • The effect of dietary salt on rosacea
    • Is it possible for rosaceans to do research?
    • Research Highlights
    • Books and articles to be published in the future

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    The inaugural edition of the Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute is still available at iUniverse and Amazon. We will continue to publish more editions of the journal with volunteers and print on demand publications if we receive donations or we receive enough volunteer articles to publish. You can become part of this if you have the volunteer spirit or if you donate. One of our goals is to offer $1,000 to the author of each published article in our journal, including any professionals, who submit articles to us, but also any rosacea sufferer could receive the $1,000 if an article written by one of our members is published in our journal. So, if enough volunteers write rosacea articles for us to publish we will continue to publish using volunteers as we did with our first publication of the Journal of the RRDi. All you need to do is to post an article in our member forum. We have the ability to upgrade the post to an article for consideration to be published later.

    If you would like to help us reach our goals and continue to publish rosacea articles and keep this web site going, or write an article for our journal please join and post your article in the member forum. We would be happy to consider your article for publication. Members may submit articles in our forum. There are a number of posts on rosacea for your consideration in our member forum to browse through.

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