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    Demodex Solutions is one of our sponsors who provides treatments for demodectic rosacea and we have an affiliate relationship. For a list of all the Demodex Solutions products click here. By clicking on any of the images below and purchasing an item the RRDi gets a small affiliate fee. Mahalo for purchasing Demodex Solutions products through the RRDi. 

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    • Dr. Dray, a dermatologist, has her recommended anti-redness skin care regimen in a YouTube video below which she has partnered with Walmart in using only easy to obtain products. The RRDi has found these same products at Amazon which are listed below the video if you prefer to shop at Amazon.  💜Alternatives to albolene Clinique take the day off cleansing balm  Kose softymo cleansing oil  💜Alternatives to vanicream cleanser Cerave hydrating cleanser Neutrogena ultra gentle hydrating cleanser  Simple micellar facial gel wash  💜Alternatives to Bioderma sensibio AR cream Cetaphil redness relief night moisturizer  PROcure rosacare  Cerave PM  Equate Beauty Ceramide Moisturizing facial lotion  💜Alternatives to cerave healing ointment  Aveeno cracked skin relief Vaseline  💜Alternatives to Eucerin SPF30 Cotz face  Blue lizard sensitive SPF 30  Coppertone Pure & Simple SPF50  Think baby  Cerave AM  💜Alternatives to vanicream lip spf  Cotz lip spf  EltaMD UV lip  Aquaphor lip  💜Alternative to Cetaphil redness relief spf 20 Physicians formula Super CC SPF30
    • Yes I know it's not rosacea but erythema (redness). I know there are so many conditions which look like rosacea but they are not but we do not know the underlying cause might correlate.it might be a co existing condition occurs with rosacea. I haven't done anything for it. It is slowly decreasing itself.
    • Apurva,  Might not be rosacea. Some conditions you may want to have your dermatologist rule out:  Erythromelalgia Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii Pityriasis rosea There are probably a number of other possibilities to rule out since the list of skin conditions that look like rosacea keeps growing.  What are you treating your erythema with?   
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