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Guest Jenny

Copied over from old RRDi Forum (not sure of the date of the original unedited post 2005) written by Brady Barrows:

Just an update on the progress of the application for 501 © (3) approval which some may want to know.

The IRS sent an eight page letter asking all sorts of questions. I delegated the letter to Ron Dolan, CPA, who was hired to fill out the initial application. Here are the links to the eight pages for those of you who would like to know:

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p1.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p2.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p3.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p4.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p5.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p6.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p7.pdf link

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/IRS112905p8.pdf link

Ron sent me an email December 24 which reads as follows:

From: rdolan@saveontaxes.com

Subject: RE: IRS questions

Date: December 24, 2005 4:19:19 PM HST

To: director@irosacea.org

Reply-To: rdolan@saveontaxes.com

Not yet. I need your help. Attached is my preliminary response with areas that I need you help with. Please read the IRS' letter. The IRS EO officer, Ms Marquez is asking for some very specific information. Below is my response to her, but I need your input ASAP. P.S. have a Merry Christmas!

Ron Dolan, CPA

preliminary response url http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/RRDi122305.pdf link

-----My Original Message-----

From: Brady Barrows [mailto:director@irosacea.org]

Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 8:58 AM

To: Ron Dolan

Subject: IRS questions


Did you answer all the questions the IRS proposed to the RRDi?

Brady Barrows


[end message]

I have replied to Ron with these answers:

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/answers.pdf link

Ron says he has sent the IRS all the answers to the questions on December 27th the deadline. I also sent a letter on Dec. 27th explaining that the RRDi has given Ron Dolan all the information and would be contacting the IRS with the answers. Now it is wait and see time.

If anyone would like to help with all this I would be most grateful. We can send addendums to the IRS since I may have not answered the questions as professionally as I would like. It would be so nice if a rosacean who is a lawyer or a CPA would volunteer to help, or we could just hire a professional lawyer or someone who knows non profits to do this for us. But alas, we have no money. I just want you to know that I spent hours on this and am doing the best I can. This is all tedious work and trying to understand the questions that the IRS poses is a challenge. If you read any of the questions the IRS asked you will see how difficult it is to understand the questions.

Now if you would like to see the initial form 1023 which was filled out by Ron Dolan and myself sometime back you may read the entire application at this url

http://irosacea.org/pdf/irs/forum1023.pdf link

If you read all that you deserve some sort of special commendation. It ain't easy to become 501 © (3) approved.

Ron Dolan, CPA, for the RRDi, and I both received a letter dated January 13, 2006 with a confirmation that approval for 501 © (3) non profit tax exempt status has been awarded to the RRDi effective June 7, 2004. The RRDi is now officially a 501 © (3) non profit organization recognized in the State of Hawaii and by the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service of the USA, effective June 7, 2004. All donations to the RRDi are now tax deductable in the USA.

[brady Barrows 08.Feb.06 12:38pm]

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