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NRS Donations from the Public May Possibly Be 15.6% in 2012


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While the NRS has stated on its web site that donations from the public are 15.6% for 2012 of the total donations received reported at this page the NRS hasn't released the Form 990 for 2012 to the public to verify what the 501 © 3 non profit organization is reporting to the Internal Revenue Service which is public knowledge available for viewing. Hopefully the Form 990 for 2012 will be available soon. It can be complicated to understand how a 501 © 3 can maintain its classification as a public charity. If donations are not substantial from the public the 501 © 3 designation may be in jeopardy according this source. For more information on this, read this document. I have been following the NRS Form 990 reports from 1998 and have noticed that over this period donations received from 1998 thru 2011 have totaled $10,428,319. During this same period the NRS spent $1,059,746 on rosacea research which amounts to 10% of the total donations received. To put this into terms you can understand, for every dollar donated to the NRS 10 cents is spent on rosacea research on average over this period. Where did the other 90% go? Form 990 reveals a lot of information on this. But one expense stands out over this same period, expenses to private contractors owned by the director of the NRS which amounted to $6,525,560 which is over 62% of the total donations received. This is all legal, but you should be informed at how the NRS spends its donated funds. You can then make an informed decision on whether to donate to the NRS which spends over 62% of its donations to private contractors and 10% on rosacea research. As long as the public continues to donate enough to the NRS its designation as a 501 © 3 will continue. If public donations are scanty and the majority of the donations are from corporations this may put the NRS in a decision to possibly change to a 501 © 6 designation as the AARS. For more information on this read this article at RS and my comment under the article. To view the table with more detailed explanation, click here.

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