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Introduction - Andrzej Wedrychowski, Ph.D.

Guest Andrzej Wedrychowski PhD

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Guest Jenny

Hello Dr Wedrychowski

I'm interested in your research on the human immune system.

Do you believe that sytemic yeast infections (Candida Albicans) could be one of the possible causes of Rosacea?

I developed Candida whilst taking antibiotics but now I am uncertain whether I had Candida before Rosacea and that Candida possibly tipped the scales for me and Rosacea set in.

Recently I started a diet, which specifically targets Candida overgrowth and is designed to improve the immune system. The diet has made such a great improvement to my facial skin and overall well being.

I would be truly interested to hear what you might have to say on this topic.

Kindest regards

Jenny Nairn

P.S. I just bought a new computer and have just realised that I can now view your web site! Yeay! Reading it now! :D

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Guest Andrzej

Dear Jenny,

Too little is known about yeast infections. And the situation has not changed much since I used to work on it in the graduate school in 1988. Every student and professor hated this uncertain subject.

Study my Web site as far as human immune system and how my formula works.

I am happy that you improved so much with the diet.

Best wishes,


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Guest Jenny

Thanks for your prompt reply Andrzej

It's the "uncertain" that makes me want to know more.

I have now read through your web site and will contact you off the RRDi about your formula.

Thanks again


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