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Welcome to the New RRDi private corporate members' forum

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Steve Andreesen, the Official Webmaster for the RRDi, has upgraded the RRDi private corporate members' forum with the latest phpBB state of the art forum connected to a unique database. We are grateful for Steve's many hours of work, not only on this forum, but upgrading the RRDi website. Thanks Steve.

This private forum is to discuss the Rosacea Research and Development Institute and what rosacea research and other activity the RRDi should engage in. This is not the place to discuss your rosacea questions or concerns about what treatment options are available. The place to discuss such topics is the public rosacea forum created by Warren Stuart, Assistant Director of the RRDi, at the following url >


Please keep the discussion in this private corporate members' forum to what the RRDi should be doing and what corporate members want the RRDi to research. The MAC members will be reading the posts in this forum to hear your concerns.

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