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Wanted! Needed! RRDi Members to Send Donation Letters

Guest Jenny

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Guest Jenny

Our corporate membership is steadily growing which is very exciting! Well, I'm excited about it! :D

As the Chairman of the Funding Committee, I am calling on all corporate members to do one simple task. That is, to physically send out at least one letter requesting a donation to the RRDi for research on Rosacea. It can be a personal letter to family or friends or a letter to a company.

If you want to send a letter to a company, I can provide you with the RRDi letterhead for use, just e-mail me funding@irosacea.org If you do send a letter to a company, please e-mail me a copy before sending it out so that I can up-date the sticky post with company names that have been sent a letter. For personal letters, the use of the RRDi letterhead is not necessary, so you can easily send heaps of those out! :)

Here is an example of a personal letter for you to copy and paste (I have tweaked it a little from the one on the web site):

[Your Name]

[Your Address]


Hi [name]

As you know, I have been afflicted with Rosacea for some time. Rosacea is a facial disorder that affects over 45 million people world wide in varying degrees of severity. Rosacea is often characterized by facial redness, flushing, burning pain, acne and even facial disfigurement. In some severe cases, the skin is hot to the touch and the person experiences burning or aching pain that can at times be completely disabling.

There is a non-profit organization, The Rosacea Research & Development Institute (RRDi), which is dedicated to increasing awareness, educating people and, most importantly, funding research for a treatment or cure for Rosacea hence the reason for my letter.

I am hoping as you determine how to distribute your charitable dollars this year, that you will consider making a donation to RRDi. The RRDi's goal is to initiate dedicated research projects into the causes and subsequent treatments of Rosacea. You can help by making a donation directly to RRDi. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. No gift is too small and is tax deductible too

To make a donation, either send it directly to:

Rosacea Research & Development Institute

P.O. Box 234

Pandora OH 45877


Or donate online at:


Please consider making a donation to the RRDi. If you wish to remain anonymous please include this when you donate.

I would like to thank you in advance for your generosity. Your kindness will help RRDi in its quest to cure this debilitating illness.

Gratefully yours,

[Your Name]

RRDi Corporate Member


To a company (on RRDi letterhead):

[Name of President/Chief Executive Officer/Director]

[Title eg. President/Chief Executive Officer/Director]

[Company Name]


Hello [Title] [surname]

I’m very excited to tell you a little bit about the RRDi in this letter and trust that you will also consider this a worthy project.

Who is the RRDi and what do we do?

The Rosacea Research & Development Institute (RRDi) is the first 501 © (3) Non Profit Corporation, established June 7, 2004 in the State of Hawaii, USA for the purpose of researching the cause of and the potential cure for Rosacea. Established by volunteer Rosaceans for Rosaceans, the spirit of communal self-help is central to the RRDi‚Äôs guiding philosophy.

Why are we writing to you?

As a volunteer of the RRDi, I have been given the task of seeking donations for our research on Rosacea and ask that you consider donating to the RRDi. All donations to the RRDi are tax deductible.

What will be researched?

The RRDi is pleased to have a steadily growing Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) consisting of a number of globally respected medical experts. The role of the MAC is to determine the general direction of the institute and to allocate resources to those areas of research that offer most promise. The MAC will listen to the recommendations of RRDi corporate members. The majority of these corporate members will be Rosaceans.

Our list of MAC members can be located here: www.irosacea.org/mac.php

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic and progressive disorder of the face, characterized by some or all of the following symptoms: extremely sensitive facial skin, blushing, flushing, permanent redness, burning, stinging, swelling, papules and pustules, broken red capillary veins, red gritty eyes and in some advanced cases, a disfiguring bulbous nose.

Men and women of all ages can be affected and countless millions throughout the world suffer from it. Rosacea is sometimes difficult to diagnose and it can co-exist with other disorders like Seborrheic Dermatitis and Acne Vulgaris. Its exact cause is unknown. There is no cure.

What’s in it for your company?

A substantial donation to the RRDi will generate a link from the RRDi web site to your web site, acknowledging your donation.

What to do next

Donate, of course! That is the purpose of this letter. We need your donation to fund our research.

As the RRDi consists of a team of volunteers from all corners of the globe, e-mail contact would be preferred funding@irosacea.org or if a physical postal reply is to be sent, please reply to Cathy Rupert – Treasurer, as listed at the top of this letter.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

[Your Name]

RRDi Corporate Member



Looking forward to seeing those letters going out!


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