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Occular Rosacea Case Study And Picture Input

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Is there a site that gathers case studies and pictures to further research????

My Occualar Rosacea took nearly two years to diagnose and have had numerous surgery and Laser procedures during that time that made symptoms worse. After a dozen specialists a doctor finally

diagnosed the condition by reviewing pictures my wife took of my eyes during poor vision and discomfort times-the pics not only showed the red eyes but red forehead and nose as well and the doc noticed this and

made the diagnosis immediatly and called my PCP . PICTURES should be used by Opthmologists and patients--a picture is not only worth a thousand words . The facial Rosacea is not that bad or causing any

problems . I am now on tetracycline and using Celluvisc as well as flushing eyes reg.

I do have a case history and pictures that tell the story rather well . Also one of my triggers is eye fatigue-and kicks in after an hour or so of sight activities .

Where do I send my pics and history ?

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