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Guest Jenny

Copied over from old RRDi Forum Sep 2005 written by Brady Barrows:

Warren Stuart has graciously donated many hours to make this new forum for the RRDi and I want to personally thank him for giving us a means to discuss the future of the RRDi and its current policies. Warren has worked tirelessly on the rosaceagroup.org as well as the forum.rosaceagroup.org which has now almost 500 members. This forum is used only for corporate members of the RRDi and will not be used to discuss rosacea treatment and problems which is what Warren's www.forum.rosaceagroup.org is used for. Please keep your posts restricted to the RRDi and how we can find a cure for rosacea. -- thanks for joining.

The current policy of the RRDi has no limit on the number of corporate members. This may change if the board of directors decide a limit is needed.

Brady Barrows, Director

[brady Barrows 27.Sep.05 2:27am]

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