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  1. Unfortunately, Mirvaso is not commercialized in Spain yet. It is supposed to be available at some point of the first half of this year 2014. Anyway, I have read interesting research works regarding the safety and efficacy of this drug, and the outcomes seem to be promising for patients with rosacea. Regards, Husein Husein-ElAhmed MD
  2. Allergic reaction is a immune-mediated process which requires a previous contact of antigen presenting cells to the drug. This first contact shows no symptoms in the person, and it is known as sensibilization. Once one person is sensibilized, the second contact to the drug leads to a rapid reaction including rash, itchy eyes, swollen tongue, and even, anaphylactic reaction. Rebound is a NON-immune-mediated process in which the symptoms are caused for the effect or the lack of effect (discontinuation) of a drug. This reaction is rather quickly, but no immune cells are implicated, in overall terms. Hope my comments help you
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