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  1. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Thanks Brady for the info. I've never had much of a problem resisting sugar. As you know there are a host of high glycemic foods which we must also avoid which have nothing to do with sugar. This is where I have the problem. In my opinion Acne is primarily a disorder of hyperkeratinization within and around the sebaceous follicle. This one event leads to the others. In my experience a low carb diet reduces the flakeyness of my face and in turn the breakouts also. Its nice to see from reading your last post that research recognizes a connection between diet and hyperkeratinization. But as you know low carb or even zero carb diets may not be the whole answer. Some of us also need an adjuvant topical treatment. I think the reason why we also need to topically treat the problem is because hyperkeratinization impairs the skins barrier and disables the skin's antimicrobial defense . Exactly how a low carb diet can slow down keratinization is the big unknown. I believe once science finds the answer to this, it will be a huge step forward in developing a new treatment for diet related Acne. Anyway, I'm going out for a beer. I don't care if I have a few new papules tomorrow as a result, I just want to have a beer.
  2. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Yes I've seen a few studies which found a link between high carbs and Acne. The problem for me is the treatment. Its a pain in the ass trying to resist the temptations of a plethora of beautiful foods. Its only in the last decade that science has cautiously accepted this acne subtype exists, after decades of denying a connection. For that reason, those of us in this subtype could be waiting a long time to find a treatment which will allow us to eat what we want without breaking out.
  3. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    The research only found a connection between sun damage and subtype 1 rosacea, not papulopustular rosacea. Unfortunately the research on diet and Acne is pretty slim. So it looks like we will just have to suffer on with our insipid meals.
  4. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Did you suffer from mild, moderate or severe Acne as a teenager Brady?
  5. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Thats a nice improvement Brady. I take it that Avar is a green coloured cream which masks the redness somewhat as well as being antibacterial and anti inflammatory? What about your diet. Do you still have to avoid carbs while using Avar?
  6. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Well done Brady. I think you have given Soolantra a fair go. You should have seen something really good by now so I don't blame you for ditching it. I have a similar problem with it and at the moment I need to use Tacrolimus to keep the inflammation at bay. I don't think I'm going to last much longer. Anyway I'm curious. Your Derm doesn't seem to be having huge success with his patients on Soolantra. 25% is quite a low success rate, especially when compared to the 70% success rate in the one year study. Of course I accept that a certain percentage could have ditched it too early in their treatments, but 1 in 4 is still quite low. You told your Derm that you have good results with sulfur so obviously he prescribed what you wanted. But I'd love to know what your Derm is having most success with treating the 3 out of 4 who failed on Soolantra.
  7. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    I guess some could be sceptical about Soolantra's ability to kill demodex. Especially since there are no studies to prove it. Sometimes oral meds don't work as well, or even not at all, when transformed into a topical device. But I believe there is some proof that Soolantra is as effective as oral ivermectin. You may have read this study http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S120197121201315X It compares oral ivermectin to oral ivermectin and metronidazole in the reduction of demodex and improvement of symptoms in 4 different skin conditions. The author of this study did make one observartion which is very much identical to so many testimonials we read about from users of Soolantra. Here is a paragraph from the study: "In the cases who received ivermectin alone, there was a gradual reduction in the mean follicle mite count at the first week visit . However, rebound elevation in the mite count was evident in the third week in some patients with rosacea and those with anterior blepharitis lesions." This was only a 4 week study so obviously there was no report of a 6th week rebound.
  8. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Brady, from your last 2 posts would I be correct in saying you're not convinced that Soolantra kills demodex?
  9. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Sorry Brady but I didn't say that those using Soolantra would notice a better improvement with a low carb diet. I was referring to the 30% of participants in the Soolantra study who failed to see any improvement. 70% of participants were clear/almost clear without any mention of a diet. Also, I have no idea what most of your last post has to do with my previous post. What exactly Soolantra does for Rosacea may very well still be a little up in the air. My previous post was specifically looking at your case, where it seems that Soolantra or ZZ cream will treat your secondary symptoms, and diet addresses the primary cause. Or maybe it's the other way round. I was hoping that Soolantra could have treated both aspects of your Rosacea, but that doesn't seem to be the case so far. Like I've said, there have been some people on the Soolantra thread who have reported being able to eat and drink whatever they want while using Soolantra. But I guess this may not apply to all of us.
  10. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    I noticed where some people reported being able to eat anything after treatment with Soolantra. But i can see that you haven't been that lucky. There was no mention of any kind of diet used in the Soolantra studies.But maybe the 30% who failed to see any improvement could have benefited from restricting carbs. From what I understand so far about you, neither ZZ cream nor Soolantra would help if you didn't adhere to a low carb diet. If that's the case then Its somewhat disappointing because it shows that you still haven't got to the route cause of your particular type of Rosacea.
  11. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    What I find odd are the ups and downs you're experiencing with Soolantra. I have read many stories of people having these ups and downs with ZZ cream which is believed to be a purge or Demodex die-off. But since you were using ZZ for years before starting Soolantra, I would have thought the purge or die-off or whatever the ups and downs really are, were well behind you. Did you suffer flares when you started ZZ cream years ago?
  12. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Looks good Brady. I'm curious. How would you compare compare your results so far with Soolantra to years of using ZZ cream? I started Soolantra again 2 weeks ago.
  13. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    I tried it on 2 occasions and I think the max I lasted was about 6 or 7 weeks. I may even try It a third time.
  14. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/all.13118/full Galderma have been studying the anti inflammatory effects of Soolantra. IMO this is what differentiates the 40% who cleared in 3 months and the 30% who cleared in 12 months. It now seems clear that the 30% were dealing with far more than just Demodex. After reading this new research, I sometimes wonder if it's such a good idea to wash one's face in the morning after applying Soolantra the night before. Particularly if you belong to the 30%. In effect, washing away the anti inflammatory effects at the start of a new day. Just a thought.
  15. Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    Soolantra didnt help me. The study was 52 weeks but that doesn't mean it took that long for the entire 30% to clear. See how you feel about it next month.