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  1. The benzoyl peroxide only clears papules/pustules for me. It doesn't have any effect on reducing redness in my case but it can increase redness if I leave in on too long. Short contact therapy can be a good alternative for those with sensitive skin but if you're only dealing with subtype 1 rosacea (red face) then I don't think it will help.
  2. Just to clarify my case Andy, I only wanted to know for sure if demodex played some role for me. I wasn't able to do this with Soolantra because my face reacted badly to it. In fact my face pretty much reacts to any topical. I can get about a 90% clearance of my face with 5% benzoyl peroxide but I only leave it on for about half an hour. Any longer will cause irritation. My little experiment with the horse paste was just to see if I could get 100% clearance.
  3. Over the space of 2 months I took a dose of the horse paste every 5 or 6 days. In that timeframe I used 2 syringes, which is enough for two 600kg horses. I didn't see any difference.
  4. And thats exactly the problem with Brevis. We have no way to check the levels of this parasite in rosacea. This study was able to check them by extracting eyelashes and found large numbers of brevis at the root. But what type of test is used to count them in the skin. Surface tests will only count folliculorum levels and Soolantra won't have much of a problem killing them. But i have my doubts that it is able to kill brevis.
  5. Well, I think oral ivermectin should be more common as a rosacea treatment. Rosacea skin has a damaged barrier and topicals can be extremely difficult for many to tolerate. Also, topical treatments can be very slow to take effect as seen in a Galderma study of Soolantra where 30% of trial participants took up to a year to achieve clear/almost clear results. Then there is demodex brevis. A much smaller cousin of demodex folliculorum, which lives deeper in the pores. Little is known about brevis and, unlike folliculorum, it doesn't appear to exit pores at night to mate. If this is indeed the case then how do we kill it with a topical which may not penetrate the skin deep enough to reach it. I think the horse paste is more of a hit in the States than in Europe. Its down to the crazy prescrition medication prices Americans pay, whereas in Europe Soolatra is many times cheaper. Ivermectin, as far as i know, is not water soluble. So any topical gel version of Soolantra will need one of those irritataing oil soluble excipients to disolve it. The horse paste looks like a gel but i have seen comments from people saying that it feels and looks like vaseline after applying it. Anyway, I'll give it a couple of months and I'll post my results on the page you mentioned.
  6. Yes I'm ingesting it. I took a 250 lb dose. No, i dont weigh 250 lb. I just like the idea if a large dose. Each syringe has enough for a 1250 lb horse, so thats 5 doses per syringe.
  7. No, its the oral, apple flavoured horse paste with the syringe. You have a picture of it at the top of this page. The ingredients are not listed on the box.
  8. I ordered Bimectin Brady. It arrived 2 days ago. Not easy to get cause its not available in some european countries. I took a dose yesterday on an empty stomach with plenty of water. Not exactly sure when i should take the next dose, maybe in a few days or next week. So, all i can do now is wait and see what happens.
  9. I've tried Soolantra a couple of times. Lasted at best about 2 months but my face couldn't handle it. No idea why maybe its the propylene glycol in it. Im going to try the oral route and see what happens. I've ordered the paste. One thing i noticed each time I used Soolantra was that my face was in good condition for a while after i stopped using it. So i do think demodex has some part to play for me.
  10. Haven't heard of this lutein stuff Brady. Havent really been around much lately. So youre still using zz, using some topical peroxide, low carb diet and lutein. Hell of a life, eh. Topical ivermectin may be the best option but some of us cant tolerate it. Im not sure any derm would be able to answer that question. Probably better to ask a vet.
  11. There are a lot of comments on Amazon from people who have taken it orally for Scabies. Most of the rosacea comments are using it topically but i did see a couple who use it successfully by mouth. The problem for some people maybe propylene glycol (PG), which is an ingredient in both Soolantra and the horse paste. For some people PG can cause allergic reactions, dryness and inflammation. Taking the horse paste orally may be an alternative. But i don't recommend it. What do you think Brady? Have you ever thought about ingesting it? I know you're an oily like me which according to studies means that we most likely harbour a lot more demodex mites than normal skin.
  12. Thanks Brady for the info. I've never had much of a problem resisting sugar. As you know there are a host of high glycemic foods which we must also avoid which have nothing to do with sugar. This is where I have the problem. In my opinion Acne is primarily a disorder of hyperkeratinization within and around the sebaceous follicle. This one event leads to the others. In my experience a low carb diet reduces the flakeyness of my face and in turn the breakouts also. Its nice to see from reading your last post that research recognizes a connection between diet and hyperkeratinization. But as you know low carb or even zero carb diets may not be the whole answer. Some of us also need an adjuvant topical treatment. I think the reason why we also need to topically treat the problem is because hyperkeratinization impairs the skins barrier and disables the skin's antimicrobial defense . Exactly how a low carb diet can slow down keratinization is the big unknown. I believe once science finds the answer to this, it will be a huge step forward in developing a new treatment for diet related Acne. Anyway, I'm going out for a beer. I don't care if I have a few new papules tomorrow as a result, I just want to have a beer.
  13. Yes I've seen a few studies which found a link between high carbs and Acne. The problem for me is the treatment. Its a pain in the ass trying to resist the temptations of a plethora of beautiful foods. Its only in the last decade that science has cautiously accepted this acne subtype exists, after decades of denying a connection. For that reason, those of us in this subtype could be waiting a long time to find a treatment which will allow us to eat what we want without breaking out.
  14. The research only found a connection between sun damage and subtype 1 rosacea, not papulopustular rosacea. Unfortunately the research on diet and Acne is pretty slim. So it looks like we will just have to suffer on with our insipid meals.
  15. Did you suffer from mild, moderate or severe Acne as a teenager Brady?
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