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  1. If anyone disliked Mirvaso, avoid this one too.
  2. It could be the case that your demodex is resistant to ivermectin and after all these years of sulpur usage it's also resistant to sulfur, so I wouldn't expect much of this generic sulfur cream. I know you have the feeling that sulfur controls it, but obviously it's not a cure, otherwise you wouldn't search for other options, Brady. Maybe you could try the permethrin cream. I just read an article about permethrin being effective in ivermectin-resistant cases of scabies infection, the same should apply for demodex.
  3. Brady, what if you have such a heavy infestation with demodex, that it makes it hard for your skin to deal with the die off by itself? I think you should try taking oral antibiotics along with Soolantra and push through this phase for another month. You have put such an effort to this, it would be a pity if you quit earlier.
  4. Brady, do you think you have demodex folliculorum or brevis?
  5. There is a huge difference between the "before" and the "during the treatment" photos. This is definitely working. You might have another die-off on week 6, but it shouldn't be as bad as the first one.
  6. I have been using benzyl benzoate 10% on my eyelids and face for a month, it's too soon to tell about its effectiveness on my face, but according to my eye doctor, my blefaritis is much better. And of course, the diet. In between ivermectin and bb, I was using sulfur creams, (the zz cream was great for the p&p, I still keep it as a spot treatment), but they didn't help with my redness. And of course, I have to stick to the diet, to avoid breakouts. I tried probiotics in the past, but they caused me abdominal pain,so I stopped.
  7. Hi, Brady. I think that you are doing just fine. I had a similar experience with a generic ivermectin cream,after an initial breakout with some red spots, which vanished fast, I didn't notice any significant improvement for the next 7 weeks and stopped the treatment, unfortunately. I understood my mistake a few days later, when my skin started deteriorating again. Anyway, there are some people who report improvement after many months of use, so be patient.
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