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  1. Hello, hope YOU are having a Wonderful day! Was watching Miranda Lynn Angel's video Brady posted and stumbled upon this one. I'm on the search for research on the Immune System and was surprised by the nuggets I found in this video posted by Lilou Mace's channel on YouTube. Brady do you think you can skype/video an interview with Dr Heng on Rosacea, diet, and anything else she has discovered about the body...immune system?https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_8266&feature=iv&src_vid=oYp9_WiDT6k&v=SHHsXeOyPto I did search to see if Dr Heng or Lilou Mace was posted in the forums with no results so, I added some tags to this post. If this was already posted somewhere sorry.
  2. Mollie

    ZO Skin Care prior to laser therapy

    Hello Victoria, Welcome to the Forums! I have not heard of Zo Skin Care either or had laser therapy. Hope you find the information you need, Cheers! Thanks for posting a link Brady.
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    Other Light Devices

    Thank you for fixing the links, sent you a message.
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    Other Light Devices

    Hello, hope you are doing well today. Thank you Brady for posting this information and saving precious time searching and looking for answers. The LED device link doesn't work (none of them do) which I understand links go away and who can keep up updating them?! lol Please share any links or information on LED Devices and making a LED device please, thank you.