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  1. The biggest problem I have with Rosacea (by far) is the bumps I sometimes have on my nose. The bumps often have white pustules, and are very embarrasing. Should the bumps be "popped?" I always do pop them. Too embarassing to walk around with white bumps on my nose! Also, should I use a topical cream after I pop the bumps? (Note...I'm taking doxycycline for my rosacea, but the bumps still appear sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.) Thank you! Tom
  2. Flash, I have used Finacea before, and didn't feel like it did any better than any of the other topical creams I've tried. Which is to say they didn't fix the problem. The only success I've had in keeping Rosacea at bay is antibiotics. I'm currently taking Doxycycline, and it has worked really well. I'm taking 50mgs once a day. I still have occasional outbreaks of bumps on my nose (awful), but they're few and far between. When that happens, I take an extra 50mg tablet per day for 3 or 4 days, and it clears right up. All according to Dr's recommendations. Doxycycline....according to my Dr..... is much better to take than Tetracycline, because it doesn't interfere with the antibiotics you might need to take to cure an infection. Perhaps the kind folks Drs. on this forum can comment on this. If the Finacea is working for you, by all means you should keep using it. Maybe you won't need any antibiotics. Do what works for YOU. Best wishes, Tom
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