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  1. Thanks for the response. This is very helpful. I've been doing as you directed with the routine the last two days and it's been OK. One new small blemish but other blemishes seem to be clearing a bit, so I'm optimistic the ZZ cream will make a difference. I do like the way it feels when it's on - like I can tell something is actually happening in my skin! Additionally I did purchase Andalou Naturals Face Cream with Probiotic C Renewal. I've read it can be very good for this type of skin and it was on the list of topical probiotics. I'm going to test it tomorrow morning after I rinse. Any experience with this cream? To answer your questions, I believe I am phenotype 4. It's mostly just the acne at this point. My dermatologist says other people have it much worse, but my case is extremely stubborn and other treatments that have worked for his other patients aren't doing the trick for me yet. The worst part is it can flare at anytime and when it does, it impacts my confidence especially at work. I purchased the original ZZ cream. I'm wondering how long the little jar will last. It looks like it's not available on Amazon right now, so I guess I will need to make it last. Is it going to be that hard to re-purchase? Thanks for the other tips on the diet. I'm reluctant to give up the carbs at that rate, but we'll see how this progresses. I've already cutback a great deal on the sweets and dairy, but haven't gone completely cold. This may be my next move and I think I will request a copy of the diet. I'll definitely stay engaged on the forum. ZZ cream has given me some new hope. I have a dermatoligist appointment in a couple weeks and will see what he thinks about the ZZ cream and if I should continue with the doxycycline. I did have a couple other questions: Do you have an acarid soap you recommend? Do you recommend taking Lutein or any other OTC vitamins? Do you take a probiotic for your gut? Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hello Brady, this is my first post but I've been reading your posts for over a month. I have suffered from rosacea or adult acne for about one year and after trying all of the dermatologists ideas (doxy, minocycline, azithromycin, bactrim, as well as soolantra, metro gel and retina), I stumbled onto this forum and saw that you suggested the ZZ cream. I went online and purchased. After using for a couple days, everything seems to be getting worse. I read this might be what happens, but I was disappointed today to see several new blemishes and very dry skin. I have some questions I'm hoping someone with more experience might be able to help answer. I think what I'm really looking for is the complete regimen for using ZZ cream? From which soap, to which moisturizer, to which sunscreen .... I'm really lost on how to proceed. Is it OK to use an acarid soap with ZZ cream or is that too much sulfur? I did both for a couple days but my skin is now extremely dry so I've gone back to my original Cetaphil soap. I'm just really struggling to find any relief. I had some success with my first IPL treatment, but my second (v-beam) and third didn't work so well. I had great success for a couple weeks with bactrim, but it gave me a terrible rash. I'm not 100 percent positive it's demodex, but that's my hunch as i often have itchy feeling. My doctor really isn't helping me get to the root cause of the issue. He's all out of antibiotics and doesn't seem to have any other solutions. I'm hopeful the ZZ cream can work, but the dryness is extremely difficult to hide. Any recommendations on regimen for using ZZ cream would be helpful. Thank you.
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