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  1. Hi, Brady. I'm just wondering if I can list you as a reference. My contributions to the RRDi (researching alternative therapies and requesting linkage by various rosacea-related sites) are listed on my resume under projects. It is clear that I am a volunteer, of course. Thanks! (an email address would suffice)
  2. Thanks, Brady. I am happy to volunteer my time to research alternative therapies for rosacea because I do believe that they may be worthy of further investigation. If the MAC chooses to approve clinical research on one or more alternative therapies, great. If they do not, the information will remain as a resource for others to draw upon in the future. Thanks so much for addressing my question. Sherry
  3. Ok, I'll continue in that vein. I'm fascinated by alternative medicine and lifestyle modification as potent preventative and curative forces that are at our fingertips. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is! Sherry I just realized how old that post is! So, I'm going to put the question out there: would you like some research on diet/lifestyle/alternative therapies and rosacea? Would you like some research on any other rosacea-related topic? I'm at your disposal. Sherry
  4. I've just begun some research into alternative therapies and rosacea. One of the subtopics that I am currently investigating is digestive health and rosacea. The idea is floating out there that people who have rosacea lack some digestive enzymes. This causes the organisms that eventually cause rosacea to flourish in their bodies and not in the bodies of others. Of course, this is just one idea. Sherry
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