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Brady's Blog



Brady's Blog

If you ever wanted to start your own rosacea blog, we have the tools for you to do this. Then you can refer to your blog when posting elsewhere. It is free for members. And you can set your blog to PRIVATE so that only members you invite can view your blog. While my blog is public, so that you can see how a blog works, when setting up your own rosacea blog you simply set it to PRIVATE and only invite who you want to view your blog. 


The RRDi understands you may want your own private blog and we sponsor your having one for free! These are the steps

Need help?

For More information on how to use blogs use the Invision Community help center: 

Types of Blogs • Introduction to Blogs

Scroll below to read my first comment in my blog. You can reply to my comment if you register an account with just an email address. Then scroll to bottom and find the reply button or find the 'quote' button at the bottom of any post to post your comment. 

You can have your own rosacea blog, totally free, compliments of the RRDi. Why not?  Your own rosacea blog. 


Scroll below for comments on my blog. 


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  • Root Admin

I have been cranking out the videos, particularly less than one minute trailers and you can view them at YouTube or TikTok or Instagram. What I learned is that the forum style platform which has been used for about twenty years is not the preferred style platform anymore, even though some major companies still use it for their websites. In the rosacea world, rosaceans prefer the social media style platforms and use mobile devices (phones), to browse the internet and post. On a mobile phone our Invision Community style platform isn't familiar or comfortable with these new rosaceans because it takes a lot more thinking to navigate our forum than the simple style Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and all the other social style platforms use to integrate with mobile devices. The Invision Community attempted to use beta versions of a mobile app but failed to complete the project and it is in limbo. So I have made a number of videos trying to increase registrations which seems to be working some, but still haven't figured out how to get these new rosaceans to engage or post on our website. I haven't given up and will continue to work on this. Just wanted to update you on why I have been making videos for the RRDi. 

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  • Root Admin

We have made the MEMBER FORUM totally private now. If one registers with Sign in with Apple, hides behind a cryptic, mysterious DISPLAY NAME and hides their email address using Apple's Hide My Email service when registering, this makes the RRDi member forum the most private rosacea forum on the internet. 

Guests can only view a portion of our website

Registered Active members have full access to the Member Forum

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