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Brady's Blog



Brady's Blog

If you ever wanted to start your own rosacea blog, we have the tools for you to do this. Then you can refer to your blog when posting elsewhere. It is free for members. And you can set your blog to PRIVATE so that only members you invite can view your blog. While my blog is public, so that you can see how a blog works, when setting up your own rosacea blog you simply set it to PRIVATE and only invite who you want to view your blog. 


The RRDi understands you may want your own private blog and we sponsor your having one for free! These are the steps

Need help?

For More information on how to use blogs use the Invision Community help center: 

Types of Blogs • Introduction to Blogs

Scroll below to read my first comment in my blog. You can reply to my comment if you register an account with just an email address. Then scroll to bottom and find the reply button or find the 'quote' button at the bottom of any post to post your comment. 

You can have your own rosacea blog, totally free, compliments of the RRDi. Why not?  Your own rosacea blog. 


Scroll below for comments on my blog. 


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Thought I would update you on what I have been doing since my last blog post on February 23. 

(1) I have been adding a huge number of FAQs pointing to the most viewed posts/pages on our website and listed most of them in this post as a reference to those who might want to know what rosaceans are interested in viewing on our website. Discovered that the most reviewed rosacea regimen on our website is mine all about Soolantra which has be viewed over 19.7K views. As you have discovered I now post my current regimen in this blog. 

(2) Released this video on February 23, 2021

(3) After browsing the Invision Community administrators forum (members are usually IC forum admins) found this thread about a subject dear to my heart, The future of forums... let's talk!, and learned a great deal on what I can do as an admin here at the RRDi website to encourage not only registrations but also try to get the members to engage with posts. The post was started in 2018 and has continued and I added my thoughts and questions to the group which has really helped me understand that giving all the FREE rosacea data on our website to guests is a big mistake and that we need to limit what guests can view to encourage them to join the RRDi to view the more pertinent information on rosacea that they are searching for. So I posted this thread at the IC forum to ask about my thoughts on the subject

So on Feb 26 I posted this post on our website, RRDi Active vs Inactive Members.  It took me a number of days to figure out how to make the different member groups do what I want each group to be able to view on our website. I changed the title of this post to reflect a better understanding of our financial situation since we received a donation in January that will keep us going for at least a year. 

On March 2 the home page of the web site was simplified to reduce the clutter for new guests to the website and I placed a four minute video introduction.

So the short version of all this is that guests can view approximately about a quarter of our website and members have full access to member area of our site. They have to remain active to continue to have access to the site which requires one post a month. I am hoping this increases registrations and engagement. 

At the previously mentioned thread at IC, The future of forums... let's talk!, one of the admins critiqued my video and said it was too long, that these new guests have a very short attention span, so I moved the above video to the About the RRDi page at the top of the page, and put a one minute video introduction on our home page. 

To show you the difference in stats on registrations. In 2020 we had in the last three months, October 5 registrations, November 5 registrations, December 8 registrations (none of these 18 registrations posted or engaged on our website). 

In January 2021 we had 10 registrations and no engagement. 

From February 1 till Feb 26 we had 11 registrations. On February 26 we restricted access to our website to guests and created a group called inactive members that limits inactive members to what guest can view. The only difference is that inactive members can POST in the areas that guests can view (guests are not allowed to post in these areas but are allowed to post in the feedback forum). 

We have had five registrations since Feb 27 and one registered but didn't validate the email so that would have been six registrations. So we have added six new active members in less than a week and one inactive member has posted so that moved that member from the inactive member group to the active member group. This member hadn't posted in over a year! So, I think this is working but will have to evaluate this for several months to make sure. Hoping this increases registrations and engagement with our members who hopefully will start posting. 

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