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Daily Synbiotic (Probiotic)


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This probiotic has come to my attention, although I haven't tried it.  It is supposedly better than the majority of probiotics that are found on shop shelves as it contains strains used in research, which have demonstrated benefits. 

Personally, I don't tolerate probiotics and it has been suggested my adverse reactions may be due to  SIBO. However, I am not certain about that as my face is much calmer and  in general free of P&P's unless I take probiotics of any kind that I have tried thus far. 

There is mention on the linked site that Daily Synbiotic may be suitable for  people who have SIBO as it bypasses the small intestine and resists digestion until it has reached the large colon. I am not convinced, however  it may be true.

Has anyone tried this  Daily Synbiotic? If so, it would be  helpful if they shared their results. 



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