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Discussion Thread About the RRDi


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It still amazes me that rosaceans feel absolutely comfortable posting at social media sites like Facebook or Reddit and for some reason that doesn't seem logical to me can't even post a reply to this thread that doesn't require registration and can totally hide behind a cryptic display name of their own choosing so that no one knows who they are. Could someone out of the graciousness of their heart explain this to me? What are your thoughts on why the current state of rosacea sufferers are not posting here at the RRDi?  It would be helpful to understand this. If you know nothing about the RRDi click here. After you learn about the RRDi please join the conversation here by finding the reply to this topic button found on your device in this discussion thread about the RRDi. Or find the QuOTE button and post. Or you might find the join the conversation and post your thought. Usually there are at least two or more ways to post in this thread located somewhere on your device. 

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Guest Hide My Real Name

I have rosacea and wonder why rosacea sufferers don't post at this web site for rosacea?  I can post and hide my real name easily. I don't even have to register with an email address. Yet, over at rosacea social media groups like Facebook or Reddit, rosacea sufferers post freely and don't even bother to hide their real name. Odd.  Any thoughts?

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