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RRDi Financial Situation


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The financial situation of the RRDi is posted on our website at the following url: 


We are transparent with our expenses so the public can see how we spend every dollar. We have made special efforts to reduce our expenses to the bare minimum. Register our domains, web hosting, our post office box, and registration fee for being a non profit organization are our main expanses. We operate on a shoe string budget since we totally rely on the public for donations to keep going. If you  appreciate the rosacea content on our website we would appreciate your contributing to help us pay our bills. No individual on the RRDi staff makes a dime off of this non profit and everyone is a volunteer. You can rest assured that our non profit organization for rosacea does not use the donations to profit personally in any way. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our financial situation, please find the reply to this topic button on your device and post. You don't have to register to post and guests are welcome to post. We encourage guests to post. 

If the 1600 plus members of the RRDi would each donate one dollar a year that would keep our non profit organization for rosacea going for over a year! That is less than a cup of coffee. Do you appreciate the RRDi and want to help keep our non profit grassroots organization for rosacea going? Donate a dollar, please. 

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