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Famous Rosaceans


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The RRDi has an official list of famous rosaceans which you can view here: 


If you know any of these famous rosaceans it would be appreciated if you could contact the one you know and ask if this famous rosacean would volunteer to serve on the RRDi board of directors. Wouldn't it be incredible if a famous rosacean supports the RRDi?

If you know of a famous rosacean that we have not included on our official famous rosacean list please just find the reply to this topic button and type in the name and the reference on the internet that substantiates this famous person has rosacea and we will be happy to add your famous rosacean to our list once we have confirmed your nomination that this is absolutely true. You can remain totally anonymous since guests can post without registering and hide behind a cryptic display name. of your choosing. 

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