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RRDi Inactive Members Announcement


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If you have registered an account with the RRDi you probably are in the inactive member group. The definition of an inactive member is one who has not posted in the last thirty days. Beginning in February 2022 we have basically allowed guests and inactive members to view about 5% of our website.  We now have switched to a subscription based website so that active members can view the entire website if they donated $1/month. We have had to do this to assure we can continue to publish this website though Invision Community hosting services. If we don't have enough paid subscriptions to keep our non profit organization functioning through this website we will deem this to mean not enough rosaceans want to keep this going and simply shut down. 

Another option to become an active member who does NOT want to post is simply donate $12 and we will note this on your registered account and you will gain 12 months of full access to the site. 

If you are having any issues logging into your account, use our contact form and give us your email address you used to register your account and we can help you login by resetting your password. 

If you have any questions about any of this, find the reply to this topic button and post. 

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