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Freemium vs Subscription


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Freemium vs Subscription 

About a month ago we started the subscription plan using our Invision Community platform and asked for $12/year which is one dollar a month and received only one donation. About two weeks ago reduced the minimum to $6 and received no results. Yesterday, reduced it to $1 minimum for one month subscription and got one member. So we will try this for thirty days and see how it goes. When a member joins and uses PayPal, the PayPal fee is 51 cents so the RRDi only gets 49 cents as a donation. We had to change this to a two dollar donation to help pay for the PayPal fee for one month access. If you could simply choose a three, six month or twelve month subscription that would really help us out.  We will update our progress with our new subscription based rosacea member forum over giving away everything for free. You probably have noticed over the years if you have been on the internet for a while that there is a difference between Freemium vs Subscription models according to Dignitas Digital. We have tried the freemium since 2004 and rosaceans have really changed. While in the past they loved the forum style model that was popular back then and posted freely, now a younger set of rosaceans have emerged totally bent on social media platforms that give freemium and find the forum style platform antiquated and not 'user friendly.' However, the forum style platform has been heavily influenced by the social media platforms and imitate its style. If one can manage a social media platform, this same person can easily click their way through our Invision Community forum style platform, so the question comes down to does the RRDi continue giving away our huge database of rosacea information on our website for free or should we charge for it? You need to  clearly understand that social media, while popular, is freemium at a hidden price.  While you can give away free information for a while if you have enough money to continue giving it away for free, the point is that giving away anything for free still incurs cost and unless there is enough money to continue giving it away for free, eventually, if the money runs out, the end of the freemium platform also ends. Yes, this is a wordy post, but you should see all the wordy posts we have on rosacea in our subscription based member forum platform. Way more information in logical categories and an excellent rosacea search engine that social media rosacea platforms are wanting. Guests, do you have any comments about any of this (commenting requires a subscription)? Why not try finding the reply to the topic button or the quote button and post your thought or comment and hide behind a cryptic display name that keeps you totally private so no one knows who you are. Would that take you a few minutes of your precious time?  Would it cost you what you spend on a cup of coffee? Yes it would. The RRDi would appreciate your comment and allow it to be published in this thread. What an honor you would receive with your cryptic name display (honor? Yes, you are showing with your cryptic display name that you are either humorous or worthy of your comment). A subscription shows you are supporting the RRDi with a minimum donation. Do you think what you have visited as a guest is worth becoming a subscription member? If not, find on the internet what you are searching for with rosacea that gives everything away for free (freemium). Before you go, why not check out our site index to see if what you are searching for has been discussed on our website. 

Keep coming back to this post to see our progress with the subscription based platform. 

This post was originally titled "Update on the RRDi Guest Forum 3/12/2022" however we changed the title in August 2022.

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