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In 2010 we published our first edition of the Journal of the RRDi through iUniverse, which cost us a significant amount of donated funds. We are now in a position to publish our next edition of the Journal of the RRDi and announcing this in our guest forum first to let guests know that we are accepting author contributions which will be reviewed and possibly published in our journal. We will be doing this totally with volunteers (no one is being paid) including no compensation to the authors we publish in our journal. At this time we are considering some sort of peer review process but as this is a very complicated and costly process, we may opt out if we can't comply with what is normally accepted as a clinical or medical peer review process. [1] 

"Clinical peer review should be distinguished from the peer review that medical journals use to evaluate the merits of a scientific manuscript, from the peer review process used to evaluate health care research grant applications, and, also, from the process by which clinical teaching might be evaluated. All these forms of peer review are confounded in the term Medical Peer Review." [2]

What most rosaceans are totally unaware of is the peer review process is not only complicated but also controversial. For example this paper explains: 

"It's an example of an open secret in medicine: Many of the articles that appear in scientific journals under the bylines of prominent academics are actually written by ghostwriters in the pay of drug companies. These seemingly objective articles, which doctors around the world use to guide their care of patients, are often part of a marketing campaign by companies to promote a product or play up the condition it treats." [3]

The NRS, the AARS, and the ARSC (other rosacea non profit organizations) have engaged in most of the non profit rosacea research that has been done, sponsoring authors with grants that are primarily supported by donations from the skin industry, particularly the pharmaceutical companies that treat rosacea. The RRDi is the only non profit for rosacea that is totally a patient advocacy grassroots non profit that is not supported by the skin industry and functions totally independently. 

If you would like to submit an article to be published in our next edition of the Journal of the RRDiplease click on the large SUBMIT button on our journal page by registering an account and following the directions on how to submit. 

Also, if you wish to volunteer as a proof reader, graphic artist or in technical support, please join the RRDi and mention in your profile that you want to volunteer. The RRDi is the lone watchdog on what the other rosacea non profit organizations are doing and is totally independent of the skin industry, even though we have repeatedly asked the pharmaceutical companies to donate to the RRDi. 

Brady Barrows
RRDi Treasurer

End Notes

[1] Peer Review, Wikipedia

[2] Clinical Peer Review, Wikipedia

[3] Ghost Story, At Medical Journals, Writers Paid by Industry Play Big Role, December 13, 2005, By ANNA WILDE MATHEWS
Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, DowJones Reprints • Order a reprint of this article now.

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