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Butterfly Effect in Rosacea


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The logo of the RRDi includes a butterfly because rosacea typically manifests itself in a facial butterfly formation. "Half a century ago, Edward Lorenz, SM ‘43, ScD ‘48, overthrew the idea of the clockwork universe with his ground-breaking research on chaos."  Lorenz created an analogy with the flapping wings of a butterfly what beautifully describes how the initial conditions may create an effect not imagined. What are the initial conditions with the result in rosacea chaos?

Victor Gabriel's Butterfly Effect in Acne and Rosacea
A paper written in 2018 by Victor Gabriel, et al., discusses the '
butterfly effect' not only in rosacea but also in acne. The concept of the butterfly effect "is associated with chaos theory, and it is a concept originated in meteorology, which represents the dependence on initial conditions." 

read our article on this subject that goes into a deep dive on how the butterfly effect is in rosacea.  (requires subscription for members only)

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