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Innate Immune Response Disorder Theory on the Cause of Rosacea


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The current, as of this date, most popular theory on rosacea was postulated by Dr. Richard Gallo at UCSD, who began postulating the 'innate immune system dysfunction' theory which is a complicated theory. It has become one of the most discussed and hopefully closer to the truth about what is at the heart of rosacea's cause, first postulated in an article in the June 1, 2004 Dermatolgy Times by Michelle Stephenson, who quotes Richard L. Gallo, M.D., Ph.D., saying rosacea may be an 'abnormality in the innate immune system...caused by too much cathelicidin." Dr Gallo says, "if we believe that the disease is caused by too much cathelicidin, we could develop a strategy to block the effects of the cathelicidins by making molecules that mimic that protein but don't have the same effects." LEARN MORERequires Subscription

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