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Photo Album Using iPhone for Your Dermatologist


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This is just a helpful tip for those of you with an iPhone using the Photos app so you can show a history of your rosacea to your dermatologist by simply creating an album that shows a history of selfie photos of your rosacea flareups over a period of time.  Follow the directions from Apple on how to do this. You could name the album MyRosacea and designate which photos in the album to easily find it and show these images to your dermatologist. 

Android users probably have a similar way to do this. If you really care about helping your fellow rosaceans and have an Android, wouldn't it be helpful to explain in this thread how Android users could similarly have an easy way to show a history of photos of all the selfies taken to record rosacea flareups on an Android?  

It is important to have a record of your rosacea flareups for your dermatologist to review to show if your rosacea is progressing worse. You should know about the stages of rosacea. (requires subscription to view)

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