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Finding Rosacea Topics on a Mobile Device


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There are simply two sub forums available to guests: 

Guests or Feedback 

Subscribed Members 

To view the vast amount of rosacea topics you will need to subscribe. You may be having issues trying to navigate our website using a mobile device so here is a helpful tutorial to find Rosacea Topics. Watch Video. You will have to register as a member to view some of the content below. 

Step one - Finding the Menu on the Home page (iOS - hopefully Android users are similar) - Look for the three bars top right corner (click): 


You should then see the following menu: 


Just under the HOME button find the NAVIGATOR button and click on it and you should see the following menu: 


The first word 'Navigator' is simply the title of this menu (don't click on it). The menu choices are now shown below this word, 'Navigator,' and you should begin scrolling down till you see the following: 


The menu button ROSACEA TOPICS is the second to the last choice. Click on ROSACEA TOPICS which brings you to the following screen: 


You may want to turn your mobile device horizontally to view the videos and subforums and scroll down to see all the choices: 


Now you can view the subforums but you are not allowed to enter a subforum without being a member of the RRDi. Membership requires a subscription and all you do register and then you can view over 7K posts and over 5.4K rosacea topics. Learn more. Hope this helps mobile device users on how to navigate our website. If you have questions, find the reply to this topic button and ask. 

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