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Rhealba® Oat, the DERMAtological OAT, "is found at the heart of A-DERMA, an exceptional active ingredient that rebalances, soothes and repairs fragile skin." [1]

There are clinical papers published in prestigious dermatological journals and have investigated Rhealba® Oat. [2] These clinical papers investigating this 'exceptional active ingredient' are sponsored by the Pierre Fabre group according to PubMed. [3] For example, the following  paper in investigating this subject concluded, "Overall, the study product was very well tolerated and may be beneficial for subjects with rosacea as an adjunct to superficial dermatological procedures or oral/topical therapies, in line with the current recommendations for rosacea management." [4]

These types of clinical papers are typical of skin industry supported rosacea research that is going on which rosacea non profit organizations like the National Rosacea Society, the American Acne and Rosacea Society, and the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada support. [5]

The RRDi is the lone watchdog (or the Snoopes) of skin industry sponsored clinical papers published in such prestigious dermatological journals that puts pressure on the medical community, particularly dermatologists, to treat rosacea. The skin industry does not support the RRDi because we do not sponsor any research since we receive no donations from the skin industry and we have barely enough donations to keep our website going till the end of December 2022. [6]

One of the mission statements the RRDi has published for the public is the following: 

Goal # 4: To allow rosacea sufferers to guide where and how the money is spent on rosacea research and be the first non profit organization to allow rosaceans to be members of the corporation. Until June 7, 2004, the date of incorporation, there had been no other non profit organization that allowed input from rosacea sufferers. [7]

If you suffer from rosacea, do you want some novel rosacea research that is independently sponsored by rosaceans or do you want to continue to support skin industry sponsored rosacea research that puts positive pressure on dermatologists who read these prestigious dermatological journals? By replying to this post you could show you want change to the current rosacea research being sponsored by the skin industry. 

Our goal is to reach 10,000 subscribers to the RRDi who donate $1/month, so we as the only 501 c 3 non profit patient advocacy group can fulfill the following mission statement:

Goal # 5: To attain a level such that the RRDi can directly impact medical articles published on the subject, information disseminated to physicians and rosacea sufferers and apply positive pressure on the medical community. [7]

Help us achieve our goals. Subscribe

End Notes

[1] Rhealba® Oat,  A-DermaPierre Fabre group

[2] PubMed Central

[3] Pierre Fabre group

[4] PubMed RSS Feed - -A cream containing the sap of oat plantlets and mandarin extract soothes the symptoms of rosacea and improves the quality of life of patients

[5] Links

[6] The RRDi received a total of $6000 in the past twenty years from one company, Galderma, for three education grants which we have publicly disclosed, but Galderma refuses to donate or sponsor the RRDi since we spent that money. 

[7] Mission Statement

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