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As the treasurer of the RRDi, I have joined arbonne and have setup a consultant account which if RRDi members join under this account all the proceeds made getting our members to join Arbonne and use their skin products and protein drinks for rosacea, or any of their products will help keep our non profit organization going. You could say arbonne is one of our affiliate sponsors. If you join and purchase a welcome kit ($49) or a preferred client ($29) purchase any of the arbonne products or services the RRDi benefits. arbonne is a member of the DSA CODE OF ETHICS

As soon as we have learned you have joined, we will waive the subscription fees and make you an active member. Contact us if you join arbonne through our independent consultant link which we will confirm. We will then send you your login account as an active member of the RRDi. 

Welcome Kit
By the way, when you join arbonne and get your welcome kit ($49) you get discount prices and if you get others to join arbonne through your account you benefit and so does the RRDi. This is a direct selling program according to the DSA CODE OF ETHICS.  Find the reply to this topic button to answer any concerns or questions about arbonne or joining arbonne. Thanks. The RRDi joined in June 2022 and we recommend you consider joining arbonne under our Independent Consultant recommendation. 

Preferred Client
If you just want to be a preferred client ($29) which also helps the RRDi. Then when you purchase any arbonne products you get a discount. 

My Regimen
What works for me is the following which improves my rosacea and cleanses my body, lost five pounds of weight in one month and I am now on my second month: 

FeelFit Pea Protein Shake Simply1 - Vanilla Flavor 30 servings SKU 2060 US

BeWell Superfood Greens 30 servings SKU 6232 US

CleanTox Herbal Detox Tea 20 tea bags SKU 2076 US

Take the Protein shake two scoops with any liquid you desire along with one scoop of the BeWell Superfood Greens in the am and drink one tea bag of the Cleantox before bed. You can eat as much food as you want, I found I wasn't as hungry with this regimen so I ate less. I try to walk 2.6 miles each day and do thirty pull ups. My rosacea has improved. I will be showing photos next month in my blog. arbonne is quality products, natural, and has many skin products you may consider. I have lost five pounds in thirty days with this cleanse program and my rosacea is controlled. Post in this thread if you join and your results. 

arbonne has many other products to choose from for your skin and nutrition. All are plant based and natural. 

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