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Doctor, Doctor what is going on? Am I cured or in remission???


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My dear friends in need,

My drama story started in 1989 as a result of seborrheic acne and between 1989 and 1997 my face was chemically peeled of thousand of layers and after that treated with a corticoid like Flocinolon N cream. As a resullt of that my face was red all the time(actually the colour of my face was the one of a sour-cherry), the skin was very sensitive and I was dehydrating very fast. Between 1997 and 2012 I had no ideea that what was happening to be could be rosacea. At that time I was still able to go to the beach during summer days(I live close to the Black Sea) but I was not able to shave very often as my skin was immediately irritated and I was not putting any cream on my face or taking any pills other than aspirin. In September 2009 a new problem started at the level of the head  - the cronic fatigue of the brain. Till October 2010 I had no neurological or psyhiatrical treatment for that. Somewhere in 2012 my face started to burn and flush at a specific hour 6.30 pm for hours. No dermatological or psychiarical  treatment worked for me. No rosacea cream was working for more than 2-3 days and no pill was having a positive result. During the last 7 years I had 2 MRIs, tests for hystamine, bacteria, fungi, malabsorbtion, H. Pylori, food alergies, gluten, vitamin D3, heavy metals and so on. Nothing wrong was found. In November 2015 clonidine was prescribed to me by a dermatologist(Mirvaso was also prescribed by the same dermatologist with no positive result) and the flushing and burning became more rare from daily one to 2-3 per month but very severe. The following antidepresants were prescribed to me in the last years: Anafranil, Esprital, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Cipralex, Alprazolam, Abylifi, Fobiless, Mirtazapine, Trittico and the last one I have tried - Seroxat - I was almost ready to die a couple of times in August 2017. I was on the edge of collaps and I was thinking that the best way out for me from this story it will be to commit suicide(my mind was imagining all kind of scenarios from taking all the pills in the house to throwing in Danube with my car or in a deep vally in the mountains). Despair and disappointment were my only daily so called friends. In these circumstancies I wish I was dead as there was no life in my life anymore. Beyond flushing and burning I was having a permanet acid sensations in the skin that I was not even bearing to sweat on my face(Niacineamide was the second medicine that helped me for a while because I was not sweating any more). In the last four years I have send numberless petitions to the Prime Minister and the President of Romania to determine the Ministry of Health to let me consult a doctor abroad( I wanted to see dr. Chu in London). But after years of waiting they finally analyzed my case from June to July 2017 and decided to not help me as only surgical treatments are a priority to be treated abroad according with Romanian law. So you can imagine my psyhological status every day. Two weeks ago I have chaged the psychiatrist after 3 years of variable results at the same doctor and the month of August in which a new psychiatrist tried on my brain Seroxat(while taking Seroxat I was lethargic and not able to wake up from my bed) with very bad concequencies. What is my new treatment? - Coaxil(3 per day), Bromazepam(1), Sanval(1) and Romparkin(half). What is happening to me now is almost unbelievable: no more acid sensations in the skin from the very first hour of the day, no more sweating, I am able to stay in the sun without exageration, I can shave being able to leave from the house in the same day, I sleep very well, I started to enjoy hearing music again and I am almost ready to dance in every second. God what is this? Am I in remision or am I cured? I have 4 different psyhiatrical diagnostics (In Romania a dermatologist will never prescribe an antidepresant) and the opinion of psychiatrists is that I have a persistent somatic delirium disorder and that I, by my fear of a heavy / incurable disease, set off all my splendor. I can hardly believe it as the medicine for that disorder - Olanzapin is the only medicine known today for persistent somatic delirium disorder  - taken for two years changed nothing in the picture. Dear friends keep the fingers crossed for me. I'll keep you up to date with what's happening to me. A great weekend to all of you. Hugs and kisses. God help us all.

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Dear Rosy Friends(how dear Julie B. Campbell likes to call us),

Greetings from Romania to all of you!

The treatment that I started more than a month ago works for me very well. No more flushing, no burning and no acid sensations. It is so nice to feel great again after so many years of permanent struggle with Rosacea ETR. I am so well that I can enjoy listening to music again, feeling like dancing in every second, start reading books and looking for a new job in European Union. My daily dose is now  Coaxil(1 per day), instead of Bromazepam(1) I take Clonazepam(1), Sanval(1) and Romparkin(half). I am so glad that I finally found a solution that works and is no longer necessary to fight each day with Ministry of Health from Romania to have a medical treatment abroad. Easy easy the things will heal. I will never be Prince Charming again but at least I have finally found the peace of mind. Hallelujah.

For my skin I use from time to time Dragon Blood Kit from Utsukusy Cosmetics (http://www.utsukusycosmetics.com/indexeng.html) from Barcelona, Spain.

I am also waiting for ZZ cream to try it and see what is happening. I will keep you all informed about my trial of ZZ cream.

I pray for all of you to find a way that works well for your type of skin and type of Rosacea.

If anyone has a question for me I am ready to answer to you with the greatest pleasure.

God help us all.

Panda hugs

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