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Vitamin and Suppliments - Rosacea Triggers

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Here is a very interesting article about vitamins and supplements and Rosacea https://rosadyn.com/rosacea/suppliments-vitamin/vitamins-supplements-rosacea-triggers/ It seems that in some case not the vitamin is the problem but the quantity. From it I have learned how many mistakes I have made in my case treating my Rosacea over time. I have been treated by neurologyst with Ginko Biloba and by psychiatrist with Vinpocetine(Cavinton Forte). I have been diagnosed recently with Vertebro Basilar Circulatory Insufficiency and Cavinton Forte 3x10mg per day for 3 months were prescribed to me. In less than a week my face was melted, hard to touch and with pain and acid sensations. My God are pysicians so ignorant when it comes to Rosacea???wtf.gif

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