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  1. Here is a very interesting article about vitamins and supplements and Rosacea https://rosadyn.com/rosacea/suppliments-vitamin/vitamins-supplements-rosacea-triggers/ It seems that in some case not the vitamin is the problem but the quantity. From it I have learned how many mistakes I have made in my case treating my Rosacea over time. I have been treated by neurologyst with Ginko Biloba and by psychiatrist with Vinpocetine(Cavinton Forte). I have been diagnosed recently with Vertebro Basilar Circulatory Insufficiency and Cavinton Forte 3x10mg per day for 3 months were prescribed to me. In less
  2. Thanks for sharing the article. In my case no Micellar water worked, not even the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire. They were making my skin drier and drier. I would be willing to give a try to Biossance 100% Squalane Oil(I did not know such a thing exist and I am speaking about Squalane Oil not Squalane).
  3. Dear Brady, Thanks for sharing this information. All rosaceans may be willing to read this report but it seems a little bit expensive to buy(like rent and utilities for one month in an european city like Prague).
  4. From the diseases listed in my case have been coexisting in all these years two - irritable bowel syndrome and neurasteniform syndrome.
  5. Thank you very much Brady. I am reading the article from the link now. I am so willing to read your book asap. How do you feel? How was Rosacea for you in all of these years? Where can I read about what you have experienced since the 80's (if I am correct)?
  6. Very very very sad news. Like enough is not enough.
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