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While some rosaceans have had success with various laser/ipl treaments to reduce flushing in the facial area, some or most that I have read about continue to have problems with ear flushing that doesn't respond as well as the face and neck to these treatments. Are there any research intitiatives or treatment protocol experiments underway to look futher into this condition of problematic flushing of the ears ?

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This is a new one for me, since I haven't heard of rosaceans complaining of this disorder. Please be patient with the MAC members who are very busy and will reply when they have time. I hope they may have some help for you or some suggestions. Thanks for the question.

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Some of the MAC members prefer to reply by email to me and I post their responses to this question for them. Here are the replies:

From: Robert Brodell, MD

Subject: Re: personal

Date: November 1, 2007 12:59:48 AM HST

To: Brady

I do not have a lot of experience treating ear flushing though the pathophysiologic mechanisms would seem to be similar to flushing in the face in patients with rosacea. Antibiotics with their antiinflammatory effects, anti-histamines with their anti-flushing effects, and vascular lesion laser would remain the primary treatment options.

Bob Brodell


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I see this occasionally, but it usually isn't a big complaint. I don't know of any great tricks for treating it other than usual treatments for facial rosacea. One interesting possibility with ear rosacea is that if it really is reasonably common, it could be a great source of skin biopsy material for research.

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