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Doxycycline Anecdotal Reports


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"Ive taken low dose doxy for probably about three years. It’s the only thing which has kept any rosacea symptoms from recurring. I’ve had no adverse effects during this time. My dermatologist and gp are both happy for me to continue. Ive tried to wean off it at certain points and rely on other treatments. I just had a period of about a month of not taking it. Symptoms eventually begin creeping back every time though. For me it seems to keep flushing at bay and my body seems to be better able at tolerating temperature changes, triggers like red wine, etc...." Brit_in_oz Post No. 11, July 23, 2019

Kenne in Hawaii says, "there are subtle digestive side-effects that are annoying, and I'd like to find an anti-inflammatory substitute for doxy. Occasionally I take a "medication vacation" from the doxy, just to let my digestive system get back to normal, and to confirm that it is helping my rosacea symptoms. I am in the middle of one of those right now, and after two weeks my digestion is pretty much back to its old self, but my skin is beginning to get redder, and my eyes are really degenerating quickly...."

Jonas says, "2 months ago diagnosed with acne rosacea. Lots of papules and pustules on forehead, cheeks and forehead, several new ones each day and totally miserable about the whole thing. Doctor prescibed doxycycline 100mg twice daily. I noticed improvement on the 7th day. After about a month no longer getting any bumps of any kind, everything clears 100% gone except some tiny vessels on cheeks that are permanently there. Then I start getting a little sore throat and hoarseness in my voice that lasts longer than a week. I go to my regular physician to find out the doxy is probably causing it. He has me try prilosec for 14 days. I get relief. Turns out I was getting Esophageal irritation from the doxycycline. I can't take any more prilosec for a while. Since I couldn't see my dermatologist for another 3 weeks I didn't want to risk more heartburn stuff I only take the morning dose of doxycycline and no evening dose. I did this for 5 days and my face is still fine but noticed some heartburn stuff a week ago after I took the doxy. I decided to take a break from the doxy until I can get back to dermatologist but I started getting papules and pustules for the first time in almost 2 months. I started back on 100 mg doxy and they pretty much vanished by the second day. So for now I will suffer with a little heartburn if I have too. My face is just so perfect while on this stuff. So I have some questions for my doctor when I see him. I am wondering if the 50mg dose of doxy I have been reading about on here or the oracea will do the same for me as the 100mg doxy without the esophagus irritation and or heartburn I experience now and then. I also have been wondering if it was the early evening dose that was causing the esophagus irritation and if so then what if I experience heartburn after the morning dose is it the same thing?" by Jonas on Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:46 am

Shalini Aggarwal says, "Personally, I felt that even though Doxy controlled my inflammation to a great deal, in the long run it made it worse as I feel my rosacea is due to some sort of disorder in digestive tract and antibiotics supposedly creates digestive complaints in the long run...."

Lenore says, "I think of doxycycline as the morning sickness without the baby, LOL."

Tony says, "Actually, i have tried the doxycycline for about 4 weeks, it did not impove my face at all and make me uncomfortable.....about one year ago, my gp give me Doxylin, i took it about 4 weeks and during these 4 weeks i still got papule on my nose ( only on nose ). Then i got uncomfortable on my stomach. so i give up." by ts5366 on Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:54 pm • and by ts5366 on Fri Oct 26, 2007 2:10 am

yoli says, "I took Oracea for 5 months and I was already dying and i don't take it because I am afraid of it." by yoli on Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:27 pm

Melissa says, "Oracea didn't work for me so my derm put me on Solodyn (low dose timed release minocycline). That may help you even if doxycycline didn't." by melissaw on Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:45 am

five2 says, "I've been on Doxycycline for months and there has been no change in my facial and/or ocular rosacea. It did give me a yeast over-ride and now have acne and eczema..." - Scroll down to post #9

DukeCity says, "I tried 100mg. Doxy, cut in half to 50 mg. once a day, bad results. - Then tried it 50mg. in the morning and the other half (50mg) at night, but it worked very poorly too. I am now on Oracea again and am once again completely clear in 30 days. Oracea is GREAT, it has changed my life." Scroll to post #11

liangjuany says, "I was on doxycycline for rosacea , after ten days and it turn into a nightmare. i had rashes all over on my face, neck &body . I was then told to stop the drug..."

Im was prescribedm Doxycycline for bronchitis in March and I wound up in the hospital for 2 weeks with pancreatitus. I had very severe stomach pains and my Dr said he thought the doxycline caused the pancreatitus. I have never been in so much pain and thought I was dying. I had to have a central venous line put in my chest to get nutrition from TPN, antibiotics, and pain meds. I am still having stomach pains and may have to go in hospital again and put back on TPN as everytime I eat anything it causes severe pain. Also have some inflammtion still in pancreas. Liver enzymes are also high. I don't know when I will ever feel normal again. 61 year old Female – Source:iGuard United States

I recently started using doxycycline for bone loss around my teeth. I have experienced a severe loss of taste. I was wondering if this is as a result of combining it with Terbinafine, which I have been taking for about 1 month. any answers will be appreciated. 61 year old Male – Source: iGuard United States

Doxycyclin seemed to counteract the allopurinol that I have been taking for gout. I had not had a gout flare up in more than 3 years, yet both time I used Doxycycliin, 2 months apart, I experienced a gout flare up in my foot. I don't believe it was coincidence. 70 year old Male – Source:iGuard United States

My doctor prescribed this medication to treat acne ... yes, I'm serious. After 5 months, I still had acne all over my face, along with an itchy red rash around my neck. Seems I'm allergic to tetracycline-based anitbiotics. Who knew? Doryx didn't work for me so I am no longer taking it. 40 year old Female – Source:iGuard United States

I don't have an answer to this but I also took the medication for acne and I have not been allergic to it. but I took it for a year and now have been off of it for 3 months and my acne has stayed the same I don't belive it help me much! 21 year old Female – Source: iGuard United States

mythjedi says, "If this truly works for someone, then I would be the last person on earth to suggest that they stop taking it, but in my own experience with doxycycline/antibiotics I would definitely not recommend them. I can identify with a lot of the side-effects posted in the negative comments, and even in some of the positive ones, side effects were still listed that I could identify with. Stomach problems, rashes, hives, itching, etc. Long term, I do not believe that these pills are healthy for your system. Your skin may look better for awhile, but I believe that it is actually making matters worse, because after doxycycline areas of my face that had no problem prior to taking the pill suddenly became blotchy. It's doing more damage, in my opinion. And Oracea is just a form of doxycycline masked as a "new drug". There may be subtle differences with it, but it's basically the same thing as low dose doxy to me.

diane Wickersheim says, "I too had a reaction to the doxy. It was over the summer and happened after 4 days of being on it. As soon as I went outside my skin started to burn. The sun brought out a rash on my forearm and my feet. Two very weird places. It took a very long time to get rid of the rash on my arm(in fact it still sometimes flares and will itch). They had to biopsy the welts on my toes to determine what was wrong. Its a shame because it seemed to initially help for what it was perscribed for.

"At this time, the doxycycline was discontinued in light of severe photosensitivity. He was instead prescribed oral minocycline (100 mg daily)."

alyfpet says, "Has anyone here been taking Oracea long term (ie, over a year)? I'm wondering if this is a drug that can be taken forever. Also, has anyone experienced any rebound when going off this drug? I was on it for around a year and had amazing results. I went off about 6 weeks ago, because of a "female problem" that I was having a hard time resolving, and it was thought that the Oracea might have been contributing to that problem not getting better, although I went a year with no side effects at all. Needless to say, my rosacea is horrible now that I am off it. Worse than I remember, although it could just be that I forgot how awful it was. My skin is constantly tingling and itching around my nose, and all my redness is back, including visible veins. I would go back on in a heartbeat, but I'm just starting to try to get pregnant and I can't go back on any way. UGH! I'm just curious to hear other experiences being on the drug for a while and/or coming off of it." scroll down to post #9 & post #11

snuffleupagus says, " i already went on doxy for 3 - 4 months and that it didnt help anything. Also that whats the point if i go off them and symptoms return; i cant be on antibiotics for my whole life! " First Post

French says, "I tried Rosex and the dioxcycline tablets but none of it really clears the Rosacea...." first post

liangjuany says, "I had very bad reaction after taking doxycycline for rosacea a few week ago within 10 days my face neck and chest all covered with rashes. then I was given 15 days of prednisone . the rashes fade gradually. Recently I went to the dentist to take care of biting problem. some how there are rashes appear around my mouth again. i realized that was how the redness appeared last time.. it spreaded to eyes area and then was told ìrosacea"

patty says, "As one that started out with Oracea [14 months] and now 50mg doxy for now another 14 months, I can see no difference one from the other as far as results. The difference to my wallet however, is significant." by patty on Tue May 19, 2009 1:09 pm

snuffleupagus says, "...I was on doxycycline and didn't have improvement..." scroll to Post #3

MeganOSU says, "I started taking Doryx 150mg in September....This rutine worked great for me for months until late December. I only had a pimple here and there around the time I was starting my period, which I thought to be normal. Ever since December I have constantly been breaking out. As soon as one breakout clears, another one forms. It is starting to leave scarring on my cheeks and forehead too..." Scroll to Post #4

QuestionMark says, "I have been taking Doxycycline for 6 months now for acne/rosacea and my face has slowly started to break out." March 17, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Lenore says, "I think of doxycycline as the morning sickness without the baby, LOL."

CrabbyCathy says, "I also experienced intense nausea (sometimes I actually got sick) from trying regular doxy with just water, but a snack helped. With Oracea, if I take it without food, I am fine." by CrabbyCathy on Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:03 am

liangjuany says, "I was on doxycycline for rosacea , after ten days and it turn into a nightmare. i had rashes all over on my face, neck &body . I was then told to stop the drug."

tests says, "I took oral antibiotics(doxycycline 100 mg 2x a day) for 5 months to manage acne. As a result, i developed really bad seborrheic dermatitis and got a new form of acne (i.e. clusters of small zits that flake a lot and become really dry)." on October 30, 2011 post #1

brasileirao says, "I'm a week in and the stomach discomfort sucks."

Rhonda says, "I did change my diet drastically for several days to a liquid diet and then started taking 100mg/twice a day of Doxycyline. Holy mackeral.. it was amazing to me.. MY FACE totally cleared up! I mean TOTALLY! I’ve never had that experience since this started. I didn’t expect it either. Do I know anything for sure, now? Not really. But I can tell you that I have been out of Doxy for almost 20 days and my face is back to a condition which is worse than before. My guts are fine, but the Rosacea is back and around the eyelids too, with swelling." #49071 Rhonda on January 11, 2011 at 12:22 PM

DD says, "I found a website that mentioned Oracea. My doctor had never heard of it. However, believed my research that it would work and gave me a prescription. Apparently the pharmacy had never heard of it either. Filled the Oracea script with Doxycyline 100 mg…UGH. I took his word that it was the same. Umm, not the same. I felt ill. I went back to the pharmacy, he made some calls and said he was ordering in the Oracea for me. He did, I was floored by the $100 copay with insurance. However found that my 90 day supply will cost anywhere from $798 to my recent $1376 refill. It’s crazy. I’ve been on it for several years. When I stop the Rosacea rages back. So, I don’t stop. I will be on it as long as insurance covers me and when that stops I’ll find some way to pay the high prices. For me it’s a miracle drug." #49805 DD on January 22, 2011 at 10:00 PM

Dean says, "Then it was a matter of trial and error to find the optimum amount of doxy that I take. For ME its 50mg every OTHER day and my face stays clear. Every once in a while I will get a really small flare up so I’ll take 50mg EVERY day or sometimes 100mg a day for a week and it goes away then I go back to the 50mg every OTHER day." #51770 Dean on February 23, 2011 at 6:41 AM

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