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A hypothesis: Role of physical factors in pathophysiology of rhinophyma - Focus on habitual mechanical trauma.

Med Hypotheses. 2020 Jul 15;143:110097

Authors: Borzęcki A, Turska M

BACKGROUND: Rhinophyma is a skin disorder which causes nose enlargement and deformation due to proliferation of sebaceous glands and connective tissue. It is not only an aesthetic problem but may also lead to impaired nasal breathing and problems with liquids intake.
HYPOTHESIS: Although rhinophyma is considered to be a subtype of rosacea, here we hypothesise whether it is a separate disease with mechanical trauma as a main reason of the disease progress.
METHODS: 22 patients with diagnosed rhinophyma were qualified for the study. All patients were physically examined and detailed patients' medical history was obtained. Patients were asked to answer a number of questions regarding their usual skin care, purification procedure as well as handling of the nose and nasal cavity. Results were subjected to statistical analysis.
RESULTS: Due to our observations there is a group of patients who have never presented any typical symptoms of rosacea while they are now suffering from rhinophymatous changes. Most of those patients confirmed longlasting mechanical nose cleaning which included any skin lesions removal by squeezing and nose picking which resulted in local skin inflammation, swelling, pain or itching.
CONCLUSION: It is suspected that many different factors may induce rhinophyma development. In our opinion, mechanical repetitive trauma is one of the most important. Therefore we encourage physicians to include adequate questions while taking medical history from the patient and implement proper recommendations for nasal care as soon as possible.

PMID: 32721796 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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